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Copy of portfolio

Best practices on how to use simple flash animations in combination with prezi Path and Frames - to achieve a strong narrative.

Oliver Hjelm

on 16 January 2013

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Transcript of Copy of portfolio

A few tips: 1. In Prezi, the viewer can explore time and space freely.
So it's best to create animations that can be viewed again and again, going on forever. Think in terms of LOOPS. 2. It's okay to keep it SIMPLE. You can be as precise as you like, but most movement ideas can be expressed with just 2 or 3 images. 3. fig. 1 fig. 2 Use the Path to create
CAMERA MOVEMENTS. You can create special motion dynamics if you play around with the angle and placement of images that follow each other in a path. 4. ZOOM around. It's Prezi's speciality, and great for visual games. ...and don't forget:
there is a lot to
explore in Prezi Chemical Weapon "I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought,
but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones." —Albert Einstein A Moral Revolution Economic Population Growth The Rich Poor Divide Facts from Connection to Math By: Saleem Mohamed Are we Digging Our Own Grave? Step 1: = Method 1 Step 2: = Step 3: Method 2 Step 4: Prediction Connection to Economic "As the population grow, the gap between rich and poor is widden" "We should know and predict the population growth to be able to provide them with enough resouces/stuff." Action "We cant change the world Unless we change ourself" Things YOU can do as an individual Waste less Consume consciously! Power down!! Biological Weapons Phosgene Sarin Blister Agents Nerve Agents Blood Agents Choking Agents Anthrax Botulism Causes... Pure Free Market Economy Historical "World" Causes: Imperialism Middle Passage Triangular Trade North-South Divide Current "Local" Causes: War (e.g Iraq and Afghanistan) Credit CRISIS Coroprations Us strategies Struggles Future Plan One Third Are we Digging Our Own Grave? Distribution of Wealth 25% of world’s population.

70% of world’s energy.

85% of world’s wood.

60% of world’s food 75% of world’s population

8% of world’s health care

36% of world’s education

25% of world’s metals (skin) Effects: -Runny nose -Watery eyes
-Blurred vision sweating
-Rapid breathing -Diarrhea
-Weakness -Low or high blood pressure
-Headache -Slow or fast heart rate Coughing
Burning sensation in the throat and eyes
Watery eyes
Blurred vision
Difficulty breathing or shortness of breath
Nausea and vomiting
Difficulty breathing
Coughing up white to pink-tinged fluid (a sign of pulmonary edema)
Low blood pressure
Heart failure Effects:
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