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Peer Evaluations

No description

LaSheree Davis

on 23 April 2018

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Transcript of Peer Evaluations

Speed Dating with Your Essay
Peer Evaluations
Follow the directions for each part of your
peer evaluation. Be sure to discuss all questions
Evaluating Your Thesis
Evaluating Your
Argumentative Writing
With your partner, explain
your thesis and share how the
evidence you have included in your
essay proves your thesis.
Finding the Counter Argument
With your new partner, discuss the arguments that you have found that are against your thesis. Explain how you developed your counterargument.
Confirming Your Argument
How what your peers say can help you say what you want to say
The Conclusion
Leave the reader with something to think about
In order to be successful with this assignment, as a writer, you must evaluate your argument using several different evaluative strategies. Each step of this assignment should give you new insight into your claim and how you would present your claim to an audience.
With this partner, share the
specific textual evidence you
used to support your argument and explain how your argument is developed.
Peer Evaluation and How It Works
You will have the opportunity to meet with five (5) of your peers and discuss four different aspects of your paper. You can use the information discussed to help enhance your ideas and strengthen your overall argument. The information that you provide can beneficial to both you and partner.
Meet with your partner
Discuss the assigned question(s)
Be thorough and direct
Observe the time constraints (end of the music indicates end of the session)
Take notes
Be prepared to share what you have learned
With your final partner, discuss
what you want the reader to know when he/she has completed reading your argument.
Evaluator 1
Evaluator 2
Evaluator 3
Evaluator 4
Putting it All Together
Getting the Written Feedback
As final evaluator, write your name on the Evaluation Form, along with the name of the person whose paper you have. Read the rough draft and give detailed written feedback on the each of the four areas of evaluation listed.
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