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Secret societies

No description

Nagy Milán

on 20 October 2013

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Transcript of Secret societies

'the world's first terrorists'
Originally called Hashshashin
11th century
established by Hasan ibn Sabbah
spying, sabotage, political assassination
highly trained
"You are in our grip!"
many languages
the Mongols destroyed the sect
minimizing civilian casualties
to assimilate
connection to Richard the Lionheart
small number
Hell fire club
Sex and politics in English aristocracy
exclusive club run by Sir Francis Dashwood
first half of the 18th century
first gatherings in London
some of the members: prime minister, mayor of London, Minister of finance, the son of the archbishop of Canterbury
practised satanist rituals
mock rituals, items of a pornographic nature, much drinking and wenching characterised the club
Benjamin Franklin
Thule society
Secret Aryan brotherhood
island of Thule
mythological place
organization behind Nazi stronghold
sponsor of NSGWP
Nazi party
advocated Aryan supremacy
Hitler: no evidence
blood declaration of faith
attempted coup against socialist prime minister
'on the pursuit of a new world order'
15th-16th century
Spanish name: alumbrado
direct connection with the Holy Spirit
no need for church
18th century
established by Adam Weishaupt
mixture: Islam mysticism, Jesuit mental discipline, free mason teachings
aim: new world order!
'The Invisible Empire'
Tennessee: 1865
established by 6 Southern veterans
against blacks, Jews, feminists, homosexuals, Christian liberalists, immigrants
to protect traditional American values
Thank you for your attention!
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