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Events of the school year

Actally there are only Sports day ( last year) and Expedition( this year)

Claire Li

on 4 May 2010

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Transcript of Events of the school year

Events in Harrow a year Actally it only have two events: sport day(last year) and expedition week( this year). Expedition Week Sport day Last year This year Sorry that there are way more less photos of sports day, because i only have time to take them when all the running compition is going on...... Ms. Butcher wearing a QiPao and a fake hair
, which Suki bring to cos china in the APH The top of wu tai mountain The top of wu tai mountain The hanging monastery a
of view
that you
can saw when
you are on the
hanging monastery The Yungang Grottoes,
home of 51,000 statues of Buddha Biggest Buddha in the Yungang Grottes Making shoes Lucy Mary Rachael preparing for the award to be given out Annabel and Tiffary running
in the 800m. According to
what Annabel say, she cannot
get up her bed on
the next day!!! I think this is the picture
that Nora draw,
but i am not sure Riding bicycle in PingYao,
this is Suki and Tiffany The opera that we see in PingYao Pictures taken when we are
going to the top of the Wu Tai
mountain. Looks like ginger
bread. Mr.Skelding The Disco party at the
last night of our trip A PingYao road A simiao that we went before going to PingYao Suki and Mary Praying Mr. Newbold Sophie Yoyo Annabel Tiffany Hannah Syndey A PingYao road The word written beside the
Hanging monastery The statue that is
bulid beside the
Hanging Monastery One of the tower in PingYao One of the miao that we went Tiffany is so sexy
BY: Lucy Zhang Y9 LBu
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