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Disciplines of Execution

looking at the iModeler

Hans-Peter Hemmer

on 31 December 2012

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Transcript of Disciplines of Execution

This is a video introducing: 4 Disciplines of Execution by FranklinCovey.
It illustrates the frustration that most coaches experience when trying to execute on their strategy. 4 Disciplines of Execution want to by the book... http://amzn.to/MO2xUv Goals - 4 Disciplines of Execution Stephen Covey explaining what is a paradigm and a paradigm shift To start the paradigm shift in the way we see our world we better first understand what a paradigm is. Stephen Covey and his '7 Habits of highly effective people' is a masterpiece for helping anyone understand the basic rules in life for growth and happiness. www.youtube.com/watch?v=vQnOMY98fGg&feature=relmfu Why modeling possibillities ? http://imodeler.net/CONSIDEO_iMODELER_%28Engl%29/How_it_works.html iMODELER - probably the most important app in our complex world The iMODELER (for Mac, Linux, Windows, iOS (iPhone, iPad), Android etc.) enhances your brain as you can visualize and analyze (through qualitative modeling and the unique insight matrix) the interconnections of any complex challenge. You overcome the limits that your brain faces when it has to cope with complexity. And you go beyond mind mapping and other tools. You can imodel strategies, projects, your personal life, todays news or any topic you can think of. You can model alone, in a group or even via web session collaboratively. Check it out on http://www.iMODELER.net. Test by use...... learning by doing .......... https://imodeler.info/readonly?key=Mvpd8JA5EeGNMuOPAIkdNg&id=_LNAmgZA5EeGNMuOPAIkdNg Drilling down to make decisions, with help of ....... your logic and experience by experts and numbers from computers https://www.youtube.com/user/consideo?feature=results_main Tool for systems thinking. Gain insight, get success, as easy as mindmapping with the option to run what-if-scenarios in a management-cockpit. Better than Mind Mapping This video shows how to import mind maps from freemind or mind manager into the CONSIDEO MODELER to visualize not just content but to describe the interplay of factors from a complex situation to gain new insights that allow to identify successful measures as well as potential risks. cost optimized production http://www.d3dhemmer.com/Optimierung_Fertigungssteuerung/ cost driver in automotive developments https://www.imodeler.info/ro?key=AHuf1FGT81_dMkXM6u90lBQ The 90 / 10 Principle by Stephen R Covey
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