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The Lovely Bones

No description

emily cook

on 25 November 2013

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Transcript of The Lovely Bones

The Lovely Bones
by: Alice Sebold

Man vs. Man: there are many types of man vs. man conflict in this novel, one of the main situations is Susie struggling and trying to find a way to get Mr. Harvey to let her go home but he refuses claiming that she is his property and it results in a violent fight. No matter how hard she fights he wins. " I fought hard. I fought as hard as i could not to let Mr. Harvey hurt me, but my hard-as-i-could was not hard enough..." (chapter 1)
The Masque of the Red Death (Edgar Allen Poe) Vs. The Lovely Bones (Alice Sebold)
The main setting that is portrayed in this novel is the
In-between, the In-between is a place that is in the middle of a wonderful place you venture off to after you pass, and the painful, miserable, but loved world we call Earth. The story also takes place in the 70's and 80's (1973-1981). " It's not either one place or the other but, bits of both..." (chapter 18) "We have been given in OUR heavens our simplest dreams. There were no teachers in the school. We never had to go inside except for art class for me and jazz band for Holly. ... Our textbooks were seventeen magazines..." (chapter 2)
This setting helps set a suspenseful tone to the novel because it makes you ask yourself, "how did she get to the in-between, she had to have died to get there, how and why did she die?"
I personally think the author did a fantastic job of helping the reader visualize, she used a wonderful selection of word choice and a large medley of adjectives.
The basic plot of this novel...
An innocent teenage girl named Susie Salmon was violently raped and murdered on August 6, 1973, she was only at age 14. Her murderer was her next door neighbor, George Harvey. Susie was the eldest of Jack and Abigail Salmon's three children. Harvey's obsession with the Salmon girl was strong and deep. It drove him to construct an underground clubhouse to lure her to her death.

When she was murdered her soul stayed in both Norristown, PA and her in between world that existed for her until she was ready to move on to higher places (Heaven). She had such a strong relationship with her father that stayed strong even after her passing, she guided him to investigate all the neighbors around them. He became suspicious of them all other than the true murderer. Eventually he began to suspect Harvey but no one believed him.
I think the author did an amazing job organizing a very clear plot some evidence of clarity is "your not supposed to look back, your supposed to keep going..." and “what did dead mean, Ray wondered. It meant lost, it meant frozen, it meant
Man vs. Self: there are many types of man vs. self that is portrayed in this novel, the main incommode is Susie trying to let go of earth so she can move on to Heaven. She mentally suffers because she spends so much time watching and interacting with her thriving and living family. "Heaven is comfort, but it's still not living." (Chapter 15)
The external conflict impacted the novel in a way that had you hanging on the edge of your seat. I was thinking to my self "RUN RUN he is going to kill you get away get away, oh no, oh no, oh NO!" The internal conflict reached a more softer and emotional point in the novel and made me feel terible, because she was so innocent and her life was taken away from her in the blink of an eye.
Some similarities between The Lovely Bones and, Edgar Allen Poe's short story, The Masque of the Red Death were death by something evil, and sadness. In the Lovely Bones Susie is murdered by a perverted, sick, man, thus causing her fellow peers and family to feel sorrow. In the Masque of the Red Death, the prince (and eventually the rest of the guest) die, caused by an evil plague. The prince is the first to die of the night, causing his guest to not only fear for thier own lives but be sad because that could be the last night of their lives.
Some differences between the two stories were the cause of the death, and the reason for sadness. In the Lovely Bones Susie Salmon was murdered by a single man, George Harvey. In the Masque of the Red Death, the kingdom was killed by a sickness, a very brutal disease. Also the reason people were sad in the Lovely Bones was due to her absence, not the fact that their lives were in danger.
Examples: "The panes here were scarlet - a deep blood colour." (paragraph 4) and, "His vesture was dabbled in blood - and his broad brow, with all the features of the face, was besprinkled with the scarlet horror." (paragraph 9)
I personally think that the Masque of the Red Death had a more suspenseful tone. Both text were suspenseful, i just think the way Poe laid things out and used a more eerier vocabulary added to the suspense, not so much the story line.
So, which story was more suspenseful?
Song Choice
I choose the song Good Bye (by: Avril Lavigne) because it is a lovely song that speaks of leaving someone and seeing them again one day a long time from now, and Susie leaves and misses her family but knows she will see them again someday.
The protagonist is mainly Susie Salmon, she is one of many other victims of the antagonist, George Harvey. Susie is only an INNOCENT victim of Harvey. She tried and tried to convence him to let her go but he just wouldn't have it. "He made me feel skeevy and icky now that he was blocking the door..." (chapter 1)

Susie - innocent, George Harvey - malevolent.
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