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Behind Rebel Lines

No description

austin huddleston

on 23 November 2015

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Transcript of Behind Rebel Lines

Behind Rebel Lines
By: Seymore Reit
Austin Huddleston
Emma Edmons was a Union
spy. When she was behind rebel lines, she wore different

The timeframe for this story
is from 1881-1885 (Civil War).
The setting of where this story takes place is around, Washington, D.C.

Emma Edmons is a women. She
poses as a man to get into the Union
Army. She wants to be a field nurse to help wounded soliders. When she joins, if the other soldiers find out that she is a women she will be kicked out of the Army. This is the main conflict of the
Another conflict that
Emma faces is that she
is a spy for the Union Army. If she is caught
by the Rebels she could be shot or hung.

1. In the novel it tells about historic battles
that happened in the war.
2. It tells what the battles
felt like.
Three connections between the story
and the war are...

3. It tells how if felt to be a civil war spy.
One of the battles that happened during the
war that is in the book is the Battle of Vicksburg.
Emma told that the battles felt long and
bloody. The battles felt like they
never ended. The patients in the hospital tent were many.
Emma Edmons was not only a spy who wore disguises.
She wore a main disguise to become a soldier. His name was Pvt. Thompson. Pvt. Thompson was the man who wore all of the disguisuses. He was the man who went behind rebel lines.
Emma Edmons's first disguise that went behind rebel lines was as a black slave named Cuff. She wore him when she went behind rebel lines. While Emma was posing as the black slave named Cuff, she found out valueable information about the base she was working for, which soon led to the attack and Union victory.
Example of Cuff
Example of Pvt. Thompson
Later , in Emma's amazing journey she poses as a freindly peddler named Bridget O'Shea. Her misson was to find information about a rebel base so that later the Union forces could attack the rebels and hopefully emerge victorious.
Example of Bridget O'Shea
During one of Emma's trips behind rebel lines, she was a black slave that sewed outfits for the confeaderate soldiers. During this daring misson, she found plans in a officer's coat. Though this was an important disguise in Emma's story she never really had a name.
Example of Emma's disguise
Emma told of her amazing
trips behind rebel lines. She showed how she gathered information and escaped to give the information to her allies.
Emma helpped the Union, and they were able to win the war. And, Emma was able to go back to a "normal" life. She had her own family. She worked as a nurse in the hospital. Emma was a women, but she went above and beyond to help the Union Army. She died September 5, 1898.
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