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The Catcher In The Rye

No description

Jenny Lin

on 30 May 2014

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Transcript of The Catcher In The Rye

Phoebe's bedroom
Continued: Chapter 23
Summary of Chapter 23+24
Before he leaves Holden borrows money from Phoebe that she was going to use for Christmas presents. Holden tells her that he was going to be gone for a while and then starts to cry and Phoebe tries to comfort him. When he pulls himself together he gives her his hunting hat.
"I have a feeling that you're riding for some kind of terrible, terrible fall." said by Mr. Antolini

By: J.D. Salinger
The Catcher In The Rye
After sleeping for a bit Holden wakes up to Mr Antolini patting and touching Holden's head. Holden freaks out because he thinks that he is a pervert.Holden scrambles to leave lying to Mr. Antolini by saying that he has to go and get his bags and his things. When Holden is on the elevator he tells us that this isn't the first time something like this has happened to him.
Holden leaves the room to make a call to his former teacher Mr.Antolini who he respects because he was the the only person who did something when a student jumped out of a window. He returns and turns on the radio and dances with Phoebe. But then his parents come home from dinner and Holden hides in the closet. Then Holden's mother comes into the room and asks Phoebe how her night went and said "Good Night." Holden decides that he has to leave since he doesn't want his parents to see him.
Summary Of Chapter 23
Events: Chapter 24
Digression is something Holden prefers to stick to rather than to the topic of discussion, proving he has the ability to get distracted easily. This is mainly the reason behind his failing grades and flunking out of various other schools before Pency. Adults' phoniness gets him mad or simply annoyed him to the point where whatever he has to say is of more value than their words. This also shows a comparison of how he even acts like a child, always sticking to their ideas or what they want not what they are being told. His strong attachment to childhood provokes him to act like one as well, reminiscing also memories he had as a younger boy when Allie was still alive.
"You can take it all. You can pay me back. Bring it to the play." ......." Then, all of a sudden, I started to cry."

Quote Analysis #2 (chapter 23)
Colloquial Language
Presented by: Adaiah, Jenny & Mariana
Summary Of Chapter 24 Cont.
Events: Chapter 23
Holden starts dancing with Phoebe and he seems to be enjoying it and her apparent skills. However he does make the earlier comment that any adults that dance with children just look terrible. This demonstrates how Holden holds Phoebe in such a high position that she's excluded from his previous comment. Holden being a figure that values childhood a lot due to kid's innocent minds. He has a great attraction towards his sister. In his eyes she's a true representation of what isn't phoniness, which he hates the most in adults and prevents him from blending into society.
Quote Analysis #1 (chapter 24)
This quote is significant because it finally shows Holden having a real connection with an adult. Mr.Antolini was someone that Holden trusted, probably the only adult Holden admired and never considered "phony". Before this chapter we only see Holden forming connections with children but that all changes with Mr.Antolini. Mr.Antolini actually cared for Holden's whole family which meant he wasn't a "phony".
At one point Holden breaks down into tears when Phoebe was trying to lending him some of her savings money. This shows how aside from all his foul language and great confidence he is really broken down into pieces on the inside. This is due to his in ability to "fit" into society, which leads to his
Meanwhile at Mr. Antolini's house he experienced some weird encounter. While he was sleeping he somewhat felt a presence near him which ended up being Mr. Antolini himself. He sat there beside him starring and patting his head or as he said admiring him. Holden's reaction was to leave immediately, even though he had been used to perverts back at Pency especially when he was around. By him saying this he shows how secure he can be about himself when he proposes fit in amongst others.
Holden goes over to Mr. Antolini's place for the night. Mr. Antolini tals about how Holden is going in a downward spiral. He also tells Holden to get it together before it is too late. After that Holden and Mr. Antolini sets up the couch for Holden to spend the night. Holden falls asleep right away, but Mr. Antolini stays up.
Summary Of Chapter 24
depression. Being with his sister is of great comfort for him because she's the only one that truly understands him. As stated in the article previously read in class, depression can be treated with pills but nothing is better than learning how to deal with the problems yourself. In Holden's case having Phoebe around was a therapy to him because it gave him security and a feeling of acceptance.
J.D. Salinger uses a unique form of writing often characterized as conversational. This form of writing is called colloquial language. The term colloquial literally means informal conversation rather than a formal speech or writing. J.D. Salinger uses this form of writing to his advantage by allowing for the readers to connect more to Holden's character and understand him better.
Phoebe understands that Holden is in a tough position. Despite being his younger sibling, Phoebe displays mature actions that help in protecting Holden. Due to Phoebe lending Holden her Christmas money, Holden is finally able to realize just how damaged his life is. Just the fact that he had to ask his younger sister for money makes him feel sad and depressed.
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