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Susana Chacon

on 11 October 2017

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Transcript of COOCAFE English

Our coffee is 100% Arabica from Costa Rica.

Small producers are grouped into 7 coffee cooperatives around the country.
Productive Activities
Integrate and potentiate the efforts, resources and products of Coocafé R.L to satisfy the needs of affiliates, partners and customers, promoting a better quality of life to the producer families through social, economic and environmental sustainability.
Be a competitive, efficient and leading company nationally and internationally, with productive, industrial, commercial and financial activities, that integrate the committed participation of member cooperatives and their members base.
Hijos del Campo Foundation
Café Forestal Foundation is a non-governmental non-profit organization. The money raised from sales of Café Forestal ($ 0.25 per pack) goes to the fight against global warming, through this foundation. The organization develops projects for conservation and sustainable use of natural resources in the Affiliated Cooperatives. Also has a farm in the province of Guanacaste in Costa Rica that is 100% dedicated to reforestation.

PSA Coffee Trees.
Project of Adaptation of Coffee Growing to   Climate Change.
Café Forestal Foundation

•Se fundó el 23 de enero de 1988
•Apoyo de la Consultoría Agroeconómica
•Fundación Friedrich Ebert (organismo alemán de cooperación internacional)

•Es un organismo de integración económica que funciona como cooperativa de segundo grado
•Procura brindar soluciones integrales a las necesidades de sus afiliadas
•Busca crear opciones de desarrollo y bienestar para sus participantes

Tiene como asociado estratégico al INFOCOOP bajo la figura de PARTICIPACION ASOCIATIVA.

•Coocafé R.L es reconocido por ser pionero en el uso de mercados alternativos en Costa Rica.
•Este esfuerzo de ventas y comercialización del café oro ha logrado en promedio mejores precios de liquidación para el productor.

Coocafe R.L. is a Consortium of Cooperatives, currently formed lfor 9 affiliates: CoopelDos R.L., CoopePilagosta R.L., CoopeCerroAzul R.L., CoopeMontes de Oro R.L., CoopeSarapiqui R.L., CoopeSanta Elena R.L., CoopeLlanobonito R.L., R.L., Coopesabalito R.L. y Coopepueblos R.L., located in different parts of the country.
It also has two joints: Fundación Café Forestal in environmental issues and Fundación Hijos del Campo   on social issues of formal education of the children of farmers.
With a total of 2,200 producers, 4,800 hectares of plantation and a current production of 75,000 fanegas, with an experience in the alternative market (Fair Trade), of over 20 years.
Coocafe R.L. over time, they have been able to successfully overcome the different times of crisis in the coffee sector; however, today it becomes really important to maintain the principles of unity and solidarity among cooperatives,as well as encouraging   the search for diversification and the value added in the productive activities of the Consortium and its Affiliates.
This allows looking into the future,in a firm formand continue for many years to generate well-being through the work done so far.
Cooperatives Affiliated to Coocafé R.L.
Develop socially, environmentally, responsible and quality products from the production of the Affiliates and its Associates.
Position and consolidate Coocafé R.L products in stable and fair markets.
Achieve financial self-sufficiency of the Affiliates and the Consortium as such.
Have a capable and efficient modern administration that optimizes the use of existing resources and potentiates in the achievement of goals for the organization.
Improve the quality of life for coffee producing families and the collaborators of the Affiliates and the Consortium.
Productive Activities
Financial Activities
Activities of Political Representation
In the 2013-2014 harvest, Coocafé R.L Cooperatives produced 65.220 quintals of coffee. (units of 46 kg).

Over 80% of the coffee produced is exported to USA, Europe and Japan.

About 80% of the exported coffee is sold under the Fair Trade seal.

Growing areas allow to obtain coffee export qualities, type SHB and GHB.
Industrial Activities
Financial Activities
Activities of Political Representation
Coocafé R.L represents more than 2,000 small coffee producers in different rural areas of Costa Rica.
Coffee farming is the main activity in the communities where our Affiliated Cooperatives are located.
Productive Activities
Productive Activities
Industrial Activities
Roasting Plant
Dry Mill
Santo Domingo
Dry Mill Coocafé R.L
Final Enlisted Plant Green Coffee for Export.
Classification of the grain by Size, Weight and Color for the quality assurance pacted with the Client.
Processing Capacity: 2.070 kilos / hour.
Storage Capacity: 414.000 kilos.
Roasting Plant Coocafé R.L
Coffee roasting plant for the production of Café Forestal and Eco Café (Maquila) brands.

Toaster # 1, Capacity 92 kilos / hour.
Toaster # 2, Capacity 300 kilos / hour.
Commercial Activities
Café Forestal
Cassava and Plantain chips
Plaza del Café Project
Commercialization Café Forestal
Concept of responsible brand.
Sales in domestic and international markets.
Gourmet coffee of value added .
Fair Trade Certified product.
Cassava and Plantain chips
Concept in private label sales.
Sales since 15 years ago to Oxfam in Belgium.
Export quality product, Fair Trade certificate.
Plaza del Café Project
Tourism Project located in Tierras Morenas Tillarán Guanacaste. (shores of Arenal Lake)
Restaurant and Coffee Shop with 70 seats.
Certified by the ICT (Costa Rican Tourism Institute)
Coocafé R.L manages Credit to Affiliates Cooperatives in favorable conditions that allow them to satisfy their cash needs and perform the appropriate operation of their organizations.

Intermediation for Short Term Credits with national and international funds:
Working Capital Credit.
Harvest Credit.
Credit for fertilizers, among others.

Intermediation for Long Term Credits:
Support and Credit management monitoring with favorable conditions to Affiliated Cooperatives front of the financing entities from the cooperative sector in Costa Rica and the foreign.
Coocafé RL performs an important function of political representation of the Consortium and its Affiliates to the various bodies of the cooperative movement in Costa Rica.

The policy allows management presence with voice and vote in the decision-making of the cooperative sector. Also capitalizes possibilities of obtaining benefits for the Affiliated Cooperatives through programs to support the sector.

Currently Coocafé R.L has representation in organizations like INFOCOOP, CONACOOP, ICAFE, CAFE DIRECT ,CLAC among others.

How we get involved
Coocafé R.L gets involved responsibly with their environment, for it developed two foundations with the intention of making visible the efforts undertaken in the social and environmental issue.
Hijos del Campo Foundation is a non-governmental non-profit organization dedicated to providing educational opportunities to the children of coffee producers that are part of the family Coocafé R.L.

For this it established a scholarship program and a system of guarantees to help ensure that young people can support or subsidize higher education.

The Foundation also has a residence in order to provide an integral service of stay to young students children of coffee producers, who come from rural areas. This residence provides hosting and technological facilities to the students who have decided to prepare for the University and must move to live near the capital of the country. (San José, Alajuela and Heredia).

Consorcio de Cooperativas de Caficultores de Guanacaste y Montes de Oro R.L., “COOCAFE R.L.”
Tel: (506) 2244-63-11 / Fax: (506) 2244-54-29
info@coocafe.com / www.coocafe.com
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