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Coral Spring Scavenger Hunt by Joshua Needle

No description

Joshua Needle

on 30 September 2013

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Transcript of Coral Spring Scavenger Hunt by Joshua Needle

Broward County Scavenger Hunt by Joshua Needle
Sanitary Landfill
This is The Davie Landfill, The landfill occupies two hundred and nine acres of Davie. The fill was originally opened in 1964 as a county garbage incinerator. In 1975 the incinerator was closed, however the landfill is still in operation today
Cite : http://www.epa.gov/region4/superfund/sites/npl/florida/davlffl.html#location
A Muslim Mosque
This Mosque, located in Margate, Florida was formed on November 6, 1995. This is a place where muslims come to pray, The service is in English with prayers including formal jum'a.
Cite; http://www.salatomatic.com/d/Margate+4463+Masjid-Jamaat-Al-Mumineen
A Federally Funded Building
This is the main Broward County library located at 100 S. Andrews Avenue, Fort Lauderdale, Florida. There are many libraries located through out Broward County. Activities at the library include: reading or checking out books, tutoring sessions and conducting computer and book research. The library can be a fun place to hang out with friends and work on projects.
Cite : http://www.broward.org/library/locationshours/branches/pages/mn.aspx

The End
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