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Elizabethan Theater

No description

Tricia Lee

on 17 January 2014

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Transcript of Elizabethan Theater

The theater evolved in the Elizabethan era because as plays got more popular so theater had to change to fit the people needs.
certain colors and cloths were used to show the audience what social status of their characters
Elizabethan Theater
"Elizabethan Theatre - A Lecture - by Thomas Larque (2001)." Elizabethan Theatre - A Lecture - by Thomas Larque (2001). N.p., n.d. Web. 12 Jan. 2014.
Fun Facts
Why did theater evolve during Elizabethan era?

Who performed om stage?
When were performances held?
What was the time period of Elizabethan Theater?

What are the major characteristics of this time period?

Elizabethan theater includes the works of Christopher Marlowe and Shakespeare. The Red Lion Theater opened in England during this time. Shakespeare became well known at this time along with Christopher Marlowe

What kind of literature, playwright, performer, music, costumes, set, props, or sound effects were used?

In the Elizabethan Theater Era they used thrust stages and there sets were impractical. Often portions of the stage were used to depict unusual settings. In stage they had numerous hand props that created the scene. On stage they used secular music and the rise of instrumental music. They used english literature to perform and write plays.

Where were performance primarily held?
Innkeepers allowed plays in their yards from money soon after that started playhouses started being built along with big open theaters. English Renaissance theater

In an outdoor theater performances were held in the afternoon due to lighting.

William Shakespeare
Elizabethan Theater
Elizabethan Play
Elizabethan Theater
Actors and dancers no women were aloud on stage during this time. The specific Actors were Edward Alleyn, Henry Condell, William Shakespeare, Richard Burbage and, John Hemmin.
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Project by Tricia and Mattie
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What were the Audiences like?
The Elizabethan Theater Audiences attracted people from all classes such as the Upper Class and the Lower class. The people were well behaved and enjoyed the plays very much.
Who wrote the plays and who directed them

There were many people but the most well known for writing plays like, William Shakespeare,
Christopher Marlow, Francis Beaumon, John Fletcher, Thomas Middleton & Thomas Kyd. Although thee were no such thing as a director in the Elizabethan Era.
Early Elizabethan actors had a bad reputation they were not trusted. Plays in that time could be censored a play's content was checked to see if it was appropriate didn't have anything that threaten England. Later Elizabethan actors where treated like celebrities of today it was around the time purpose theaters were made.
Who handled the technical aspects?
There was no artificial lighting the used the light from the stage to light up the stage. Five hundred years ago there weren’t programmed spotlights, projected backgrounds, or sound boards
Who were some of the most famous people in
this time period?
William Shakespeare,
Christopher Marlowe, Francis Beaumont, John Fletcher, Thomas Middleton & Thomas Kid
How did this era evolve ?
Since Elizabethan times, the theater has become less popular, more technically advanced.
How did any performers work evolve?
It gave many new player writes inspiration, also many plays that were performed back then still are being performed today in advanced theater.
Christopher Marlowe
Francis Beaumont
Mularski, Jessica . "Elizabethan Theater - Shakespeare Fun Facts." Elizabethan Theater - Shakespeare Fun Facts. N.p., n.d. Web. 15 Jan. 2014. <https://sites.google.com/site/shakespearefunfact/elizabethan-theater>.
Didn't get payed a lot
Actors were seen as trouble makers

"Falcon Wiki - Evolution of the Theater." Falcon Wiki - Evolution of the Theater. N.p., n.d. Web. 16 Jan. 2014. <http://hrlibrary.wikispaces.com/Evolution
Why were these performances created?
To entertain and for people to enjoy.

Why were certain actors/costumes/scenery used?
Why did the time period of theater end?
Because the Parliament passed a law making it illegal to put on plays in 1642.
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