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Collage Explanations for The Eleventh Plague

No description

on 13 November 2013

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Transcript of Collage Explanations for The Eleventh Plague

Collage Explanations for The Eleventh Plague
Character Adjective (Bold)
This adjective (Bold) describes Stephen Quinn for several reasons. First, Stephen always stands up for himself and is very independent. I know this because the author wrote “ “If it was just Fort Leonard against Settler’s Landing, I’d leave it, but if they have brought in help, we need to tell Marcus and Violet it’s not going to be a fair fight.” - (Chapter 26) There are so many examples of his boldness throughout the story. I think Stephen shows a lot of boldness at the beginning, middle, and end of the story. Second, he pretty much leads a war with his little town. If you ask me, that’s pretty bold. The inference is that I learned to try to be a leader and to help others when in need. Also I learned to listen and be cooperative with others and listen to their ideas.

“'No,' he said, his words rising up like ghost, thin and pale and empty. 'Nothing’s ever going to change.'” - (Page 6)
This quote is important to the whole story. When Stephen’s dad says this, he is making an empty promise to Stephen because Stephen is worried after his grandfather dies. Stephen is worried that something else might change a lot and his dad is just trying to make him feel comforted.This quote is also important because After his grandpa dies, his dad dies shortly after as well. So almost everything changes in Stephen’s life. The inference is that no matter what happens, that you need to always have a second option or choice you can make. It also shows that you need to be ready for anything, it is a good thing that Stephen knew what to do.

Person vs. Person - The war between Settler’s Landing (Stephen’s town) and the slavers (people that enslave people around the country) is the conflict. It was very difficult, I know this because the author wrote, “'Everyone,' I said, my voice rising up from the deep in a cold rasp. 'This is excruciating...'” - (Page 209) It is a harder battle than they thought. They tried and tried to end the war, but they couldn't. It took a lot of time… and lives. The inference was that no matter what happens, you should always stick together as one and never cause any trouble. Also do not stick your nose into anybody's business because most of the time, you don’t know what you're getting yourself into.

This is a picture of a knight in armor. I picked this picture because I think it represents that Stephen is courageous. I thought throughout the whole book that he was courageous, so i thought of putting a knight. I know that he is courageous because the book says “Let's go.” It is referring to when max was about to put the attack on the slavers. This shows that not only is he courageous, he is a leader. The inference is that I personally need to step up and be courageous and a leader, and I would get better grades and more respect.

Plot Adjective (Action)
Action describes this plot because the plot is about war and the war is action packed with gunfire and bombs. There are a lot of casualties in the war. Both sides exchange gunfire throughout the whole entire battle. I don’t know what you call that, but I call that some pretty intense action. Stephen yells, “ I have a plan!” in the middle of the battle. He communicates a lot with his team members. I can infer that writing intense action scenes in my stories will absorb my readers thoughts and make them very interested in my story. Books with big action scenes in them make me not want to put them down.

Character Adjectives (Independent)
The adjective independent describes Stephen Quinn a lot. First, Stephen Quinn Knows how to survive by himself and does so. I know this because the author wrote, “He was alone...all alone.“ There are so many examples of how he is independent in this story. He is left all by himself, unprotected by anyone, alone. He has to be by himself, cook for himself, and eat by himself. The inference is that I need to rely on people less often, and do it for myself.

Character Adjective (Sharp)
The adjective sharp describes Stephen for a lot of reasons. One, Stephen is independent, and you need to be sharp in order to be an independent person. I know that he is sharp because the author states “ I have a plan!” When he says this I can tell he is sharp because Stephen always has a plan. He has a plan when he and his father are out exploring, when he and Jenny are about to attack the slavers camp, and when in the middle of the war. The inference is that I need to put more smart characters in stories that I write.

Character adjectives (Caring)
The adjective caring describe Stephen for a lot of reasons. First, he is caring because he loves Jenny and loved his father. I know that Stephen is loving because he says, “Not without dad…” He is talking about that he will leave, just not without his father. That shows the readers that he is loving and caring. He is also strongly attached to Jenny, his girlfriend. The inference is that I should be more caring and maybe bring in a strongly caring character into my writing.

- Jeff, Hirsch. The Eleventh Plague. New York: Scholastic, 2011.
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