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Boy Overboard

No description

on 8 August 2014

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Transcript of Boy Overboard

Scene 2
Jamal,Yusuf, Zoltan, Mussa and Aziz are playing soccer when Bibi (Jamal's sister) comes and asks to play, the boys refuse as she is a girl and not allowed but Bibi doesn't take no for an answer, she steals the ball and shoots a goal, the boys cheer but stop suddenly when they remember Bibi is not allowed to play soccer.
Scene 3
While running to get the soccer ball Bibi stops and looks down at her feet, she has stood on a landmine. Jamal and Yusuf don't know what to do, if they call for help Bibi will get in trouble but they can't figure out how to help Bibi by themselves. Jamal then realises that he can rescue Bibi by sliding his foot on the metal plate at the exact same time that she slides her foot off it. In the end they realise that the landmine was an old one so they were both safe.
Scene 6
Jamal and Bibi are greeted at there home by there parents.
Boy Overboard
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