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Maria Salman

on 19 March 2013

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Transcript of ob

Organizational culture Hofstede cultural dimensions
GLOBE framework Channel 7 communications private (Pvt.) Ltd. Values 360 degree Marketing Solution comapny Employees Interviewed Nayatel (Pvt.) Ltd. Leading provider of FTTU (Fibre To The User) services in the Twin Cities. Employees interviewed Usama Ishtiaq - Senior Networks Engineer
Usman Ashraf - Deputy Manager (Core)
Majid Kiyani - Deputy Manager (Core)
Kafeel Wahid - Network Engineer
Shehzad Paracha - Network Engineer Harris Atta
Shaarif Sameer
Maria Salman
Muhammad Arsalan
Alina Hussain
Hira Anwar Values chosen Power distance Uncertainty avoidance Power distance Values identified Does the top management involve you in the decision-making process? Mr. Usama
from Nayatel "NO. We're just told what to do." Ms. Maham
from Channel 7 "Rarely! the jobs are assigned and you do as you are told"
What do you think of the organization's hierarchy? "There are too many designations. The management belives it's for our own good". Uncertainty
Avoidance Does the management reward finding new ways to get things done? No. Following the SOPs is rewarded. "I used to do things my own way. But it wasn't really encouraged soooo, not anymore" Ms. Maham
Channel 7 What is the policy on punctuality? "We have to be on time. No excuses at all. If someone's more than 15 minutes late, they get a holiday deduction". Gender differentiation "In an organization of over six hundred employees, only two are females. Enough said?" Performance Orientation Does the company value competitiveness? "The company 'wants' us to compete. Sometimes, it backfires". Do you regularly provide and get feedback? We only get feedback. We aren't allowed to voice ours. since we are a small company there isnt a need to give frequent feedback to the top management, but the middle level manager gets a daily report. Mr. Usama
Nayatel Humane Orientation
How do you work in a team? "We get along fine, but only as long as everyone performs their part well." Gender differentiation Humane
orientation Maham Salman - Creative Writer English
Hira Mushtaq - HR Executive
Khurram Shahbaz - Creative Director
Ommayniya Javed - Event Executive
Nadeem Qureshi - Creative writer Urdu the companies and their values Performance orientation Mr. Kafeel
Nayatel Our organization leans more towards the vertical management system. Ms. Hira
Channel 7 Mr. Shezad nayatel They are very strict about it. For being later then 9:30 for 3 days, we get a pey deduction of one work day. But it doesnt matter how late you stay, no reward there. Mr. Usman
Nayatel Ms. Hira
Channel 7 Mr. Majid
Nayatel Its a male dominated office. Its not like they try to make things difficult for women but they dont make them any easier. Ms. Ommayniya
Channel 7 Does your organization belive in equal opportunity for men and women? Mr. Shehzad
Nayatel Not really. It doesn't really matter as long as things get done. Mr. Khurram
channel 7 Mr. Nadeem Channel 7 Mr. MAjid nayatel Without team work, things couldn't possibly work. Everybody has something to contribute. Mr. Khurram Channel 7 Our Findings Gender Differentiation In case of channel 7, Opinions of two men and three Women were recorded even then a marked bias can be seen. In practice the gender differentiation is even high, because the stats say that the turn over for women is about three months. As obvious from the graph, the gender differentiation is very high in both the organizations. The typical baises against women in work place are blatantly obvious in the organizations' cultures. Uncertanity Avoidance Index Considering that Channel 7 is a marketing firm, our expectations from Channel 7 were to have a low UAI. The reason for this is that they are in a business which acknowledges and implements societal change and sells creativity and innovative ideas. Considering this we assumed that the changes in organisational system would be implemented in their office culture as well. The same can be said for Nayatel as they introduced an innovative technology in Pakistan but again we found that their adaptaion to change in their office culture was very low. Humane Orientation Nayatel doesn't encourage team spirit or relationship building, unless they believe it's absolutely necessary. The team spirit level, in channel 7, is very high because a lot of their projects success depends on team work. Apart from that their humane orientation does not extend to employee-employer interaction. Performance Orientation In Channel 7. the performance orientation is dependent on the high uncertainity avoidance, since creativity and innovation are not appreciated to the extent to which it should be in a marketing firm. As the performance is based on following SOPs and producing expected results through expected methods, seniority and experience is more appreciated. Power Distance In Nayatel, we assume that the power distance is high due to the highly bureacratic office culture. In Channel 7 in our company visit we saw that the creative writer for English, an entry level executive and Urdu, a senior by experience, were sitting in the same office. From this we assumed that they would be a low power distance. But in our individual interview we found that the firm is highly inclined towards a closed door policy. That all! Thank you! At Nayatel, performing well doesn't necessarily pay off. Employees who have better relations with the management are rewarded more than those who perform well.
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