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Kiehl's strategy for men

No description

Nina Penwarden

on 25 February 2014

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Transcript of Kiehl's strategy for men

I. 1. The male cosmetics market
I. 2. Competitive environment for Kiehl's
II. 1. Kiehl's legitimacy
II. 2. Our targets
III. 1 Why, How & What
III. 2. The Launching strategy

The market
Global beauty market 87.2 bil €
2006 – 2011
Global Beauty Market +27.1%
Men’s Beauty Market +36.3%
Kiehls: Analysis of the competition
We think this matters because...
Your face is what you show the wolrd.
How can you do that?
What can you do that with?
The launch
Phase I, pre-launch (3 months) :

Getting YOU excited
Going all out on social networks :Create involvement:
Share a story with us about your grooming rituals
An app to measure your skin's pH
PR campaign in men's dandy mags
Brand happenings in the main European cities: Kiehl's face photobooths spread around town.
Phase II, during lauch (6 months): IN-STORE EVENT

90% of the communication you make every day is non verbal: eye contact, smiling...
Differentiation through customer service
in-store barbers shop installed for you gentlemen
Unique experience: 10 minutes of male pampering
"Best of" scenes are put together in a video and posted online
Sit down, close your eyes, and relax
Product explanation, test and sales pitch
You want to look after that face.
By slipping an easy gesture into your daily routine
Phase III, post launch: CREATING A COMMUNITY

Kiehl's Fresh Face Shave
With our forums and movies posted online we help you to
improve your shaving skills
inform you about new trends
Develop a shaving style that describes your way of life
You are different due to the products you buy and the way how you are able to use them
Sustained PR campaigning
Business performance
A growing market share compared to competitors in global men’s grooming
The 3rd Prestige Company in men’s face skincare
A slightly lower pricing
Kiehl’s SWOT Analysis
Kiehl’s, a strong legitimacy in men’s
Masculine values since the beginning : first line of products specifically for men in the early sixties => Kiehl’s is not embarassed by a too strong feminine image
Rich heritage (since 1861)
Part of L’Oréal : reinforces credibility and allows leverage of resources
Strong brand identity : expertise in chemistry, pharmaceuticals, own concept stores
Natural ingredients : ethical and philanthropic image
Excellence in consumer focus and retail experience : straightforward informational packaging, generous sampling programs
No traditional advertising could lead to low brand awareness
Association with L’Oréal could be bad perceived
The range of product is not complete
High growth potential in men’s grooming
Growing organic market
Influence through women
Growth of social media
Strength of competition

Young, fun, and trendy image ; Idea that you will seduce women
Sport events : partnership with Hardley Davidson, the world's largest motorcycle rentals provider, for annual Kiehl's LifeRide
Recognised expertise => men want trust and efficiency
And yet as women are big influencers, leaders like Biotherm, Clinique… also have a legitimacy since they proved themselves with women
Practicality, efficiency and time gain priorities all into one product!

A shaving cream that reacts to your skin type (oily/dry) by regulating it and restoring its PH balance

Recommended application time: 3-5 minutes.

Kiehl's Fresh Face Shave
Our Target group
5% of men
21% of spendings
income of 80k $ (av. 75k $)
52% use skin care products every day (av. 26%)
62% using shaving and beard products every day (av. 45%)

Pharmacy origin
Natural products
Strong retail signature
Not conventionally gendered
Socially and environmentally aware
Affluent Adopters
Trendy Innovators
9% of men
37% of spendings
Income 124k $ (av. 75k $)
53% using skin care on a daily basis (av. 26%)
61% using shaving and beard products on a daily basis (av. 45%)
2 out of 6 customer groups are relevant for us
In terms of :Preferences, habits, age, income
Very likely to use or already use Kiehl’s products
Trendy Innovators
Affluent Adopters
Future prospects:
developing a male grooming rituals range
Pollution, UV, aging, oily skin(22%), dryness(14%)...
*Recommended price: 24,99€
"mixture of demonstrating a product's functionality and promising the favourable attention of the opposite sex"
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