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Car Commercials

No description

Eli Rodriguez

on 11 December 2014

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Transcript of Car Commercials

Subaru Background
Outdoorsy, pet-loving, & adventurous
Middle Class
Appeals to pathos (Loyalty) and logos (2005)
Broader Target Audience
"the Art of Villainy"
Diversity in these commercials reflects the professional status of specific target audiences.
Car Ads: Professional Status
By: Eliane Rodriguez and Nathan Filosi

Subaru Commercials
"They say Brits play the best villains, but what makes a great villain?" -rhetorical question
"Sound distinct"
"Speak with eloquence"
"Suit" - "always be bespoke, razor-sharp like your wit"
"to stay one step ahead"
" world domination starts with attention to detail"
"tiny switch"- "changes everything" = Jaguar
"now brace yourselves" - All this changes at once (when you buy)
Quotes Shakespeare
Laughs/chuckles, "its all mine"
Shakespeare, Richard II Act 2 scene i
Makes it fancy, sophisticated

Audience & Purpose
Content & Theme
Returns to cabin over time with dog. Gets married, has a kid. Puppy grows up, remains loyal.
Theme: Love, family, adventure
2005 Outback speeds through environmental setting as attributes are compared with other cars
Theme: Practical, realistic vehicle.

"it's your turn"

Tone & Mood
Natural Lighting + Outdoor atmosphere
Various locations, wide variety of scenery
Connects back to the broad target audience who appreciate the outdoors
Stylistic Devices
Happy People & Pathos
Personification of Car
Simile & Slogan
Slogan "Love..."
Appeal Logos
Repetition of logo with stars
Humor (Informal)
Timeline: slow & soothing environment
Easy transitions w/ relaxed music
Language saved until the end
Purpose and Audience
Subaru has been selling cars since 1968
Translation- Subaru = Star Cluster
Purpose: Sparks imagination and reminds the audience of the moment when thrill takes over and anything seems possible.
Let your imagination take the wheel
To incorporate audience w/in the story
Fast paced, spontaneous transitions
Same lengths different effect
New Target Market
- Middle Age adult men (sports car)
- Arab
- High middle
- Dhabi = business

Teamed with ASPCA
(American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals)
Usually Italian, Caucasian, white adult males
Country house= nostalgia Italy
Outdoors pre-industrial
Tools- work (where starts)
Lined up at Gate- waiting- connect gen.
Capture moment
Driving- excited
Water- connotation
Connection new w/old
Goggles= adventure, no eyes =anybody
Who do you never see? You can (shows logo)
Subaru: Family, Love, Adventure
Subaru makes their car fit for their target audience

Jaguar: Identity, style, lifestyle
Jaguar will allow to be part of the product if you do 'xyz' and if you don't too bad

Ferrari: Legacy, timeless, top of the line
Ferrari knows where they came from
Today I fell in love with knowing that anything is possible and when you hear the roar, it will all begin. Here all the rules are different, the lines between reality and your imagination blur. Say I can't reach across the sky
- speaks to the audience
- Defines Ferrari
- imagination vs. reality = Ferrari = Unique

- Door creaks
- Tools
- Mystical begins
- Car roar = life begin
- Twinkle
- Roar= bum, bum, bum
- Engine riding
- Bland/Neutral: countryside (trees, houses, road), clothes

Leads to standing out

- Ferrari: red, shiny = wants
- Logo, black= classic, yellow behind on circle

Coming from 'peasantry'
Recap: countryside, working on a red Ferrari, town people waiting to view, attention on Ferrari, a man driving Ferrari
Theme: to keep Ferrari legendary. Share story
New market (expanding) Dhabi
Kids from wealthy families- remember Ferrari
Process of car making - goes over details
Everybody waits
Race car- celebrity
bibliography, that allows the audience to join
Kid narrating = nostalgia, kid friendly, watching (goes w/calm/mystical)
Kid represents innocence, pure
Subaru " Subaru Loyalty & 2005 Subaru Outback Commercial "
Ferrari "it's your turn"
Jaguar "The Art of Villainy with Tom Hiddleston"
Viewing different commercials = target audience professional status
What effect does the target audience have on certain car commercials?
Ferrari Details
Rusty parts
Silver/black steering wheel handle
Side, mirror, door
Bottom (off the ground)
Wheel, inside
Rear view
Front view
Parking lot, Jaguar car rolls in
Driver Tom- speaking
Meets two other men and takes the bag
trying to 'escape' from the 'enemy'
Rides out and is driving on the highway at night
Theme: Is to find out why the British make/play the best villains.
Audience and Purpose
Upper class adult men
40s- 60s
American men
Purpose: entertain and educate their audience on how Brits make the best villains.
Creates jealously- audience wants this car to symbolize this sophisticated identtiy
Language Continued
Jaguar- How alive are you?
- Adventurous
- Villain looks stylish, elaborate, sounds distinct

Do you fit into the description?
-If the audience doesn't fit w/what the commercial said, then ........

"The art of the villainy continues"
Four boxes
1) Sound like a villain
2) Villainous styles
3) Drive Like a villain
4) Have a plan

- Audience wants to find out, how to fit themselves into the upper class w/ Jaguar
Dark colors - black, silver, dark blue, grey
Shadows- mysterious
Jaguar stands out in white - easy for the audience to identify
City lights = typically richer
Boxes - light electric blue- futuristic
-Begins and ends with Poem
- Focus is not on the car, but on Tom
(Lifestyle of a Villain comes with the car)
- Car shots: Usually quick and/or blurred compared to shots of Tom
-Car enters slowly and exits while accelerating like a story
-Radio: Old English Accent wise voice quoting Shakespeare creates sophistication
-"Distinct" sound of the car's engine, sound of power which depicts a higher social status with the means to purchase a luxury/sports car.
-Voice of Tom Hiddleston: Always calm, articulate,
and clear.
-Formal Diction
-White Jaguar entering a basement (out of place)
- Tom Hiddleston (Celebrity Appeal) main focus brings instant recognition
- Subtlety: Mischievous Smirk, buttons jacket, & flexed jaw as he checks his watch.
- Eye Contact: Staring into the camera makes the connection with the audience personal
-Shadows cover half of face gives a sinister look
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