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The Death Machine

No description

Nicole Samborski

on 18 December 2013

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Transcript of The Death Machine

Ze Plan
Day 4 : We rolled a paper plate and taped it to the edge of the desk. William made The Death Machine and placed it on the edge behind the rolled paper plate and in front of the dominoes. We tried it one last time and the marble hit the dominoes which led to The Death Machine that went down the paper plate.
Ze Plan
Final Day: Nikki blew up a balloon and placed it on a chair under the paper plate. We video taped it and began. Nikki placed the marble which went to the track. The marble hit the dominoes which led to The Death Machine that rolled down the paper plate which popped the balloon.

Ze Plan
Goal/Problem : To pop a balloon using The Death Machine.
Ze Plan
Day 2: We started building the beginning of our Rube Goldberg project. It started off with the marble race and a marble. We took a HotWheels track part and placed it at the end of the marble race. We tested it and it worked perfectly.
Ze Plan
Hello this project is called "The Death Machine". At first we (William and Nikki) started off with a project called "The Egg-Breaker", but no one brought in a egg. A balloon was easier to bring to school, so we changed it to popping a balloon.
The Death Machine
Ze Plan
Ze Plan
Day 3: We set up the beginning of our project and we set the dominoes at the end of the HotWheels track. The dominoes at the end of the track led to the edge of a desk. We tested it again and it worked.
After we completed our project, " The Death Machine", we thought about what we did to make our project a success. We thought back to our plans that did not work.
Day 1 : We brought in the matierals and sorted them for which ones which we are using.
Failed Plans
Our very first plan was to
catapult marshmallows in
the air, but it was to hard
(plus William ate all the marshmallows). We thought up some different plans and ideas but one came to mind for both of us, to crack a egg.We couldn't bring in a egg, so that is how we couldn't do that plan. Then our successful idea, to pop a balloon, came to mind and that is how we ended up with popping a balloon.
Bye For Now!
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