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Alexandra's School House

The school house.

cheryl manley

on 20 December 2012

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Transcript of Alexandra's School House

The Pioneer
School House A pioneer school house started off to be built in a settler's log cabin, the general store, or village church, before the school house was made. The parents had to build the school and pay the teacher. Two or three rows of desks and benches were for the students to sit at and work at. Two people per desk. The first row was for grade 1's and 2's. The next row was 3's and 4's. The last row was for 5's, 6's 7's and 8's. At the beginning of the day, pioneer children had to walk to school by themselves. It took them hours to get there. There were two doors, the left one was for boys, and the right one was for girls. If the students were late
the teacher had to ring a big loud bell that can be herd from miles away. This is what I know about the pioneer schoolhouse. The school house was made
out of wood, and also the desks, but the floor was dirt. Old rags
were stuffed in cracks found in the walls of the school house, to keep out the cold wind. The windows were covered in greased paper, not glass. The Teacher's Rules: 1. Girl teachers were not allowed to get married.
2. After ten hours of school the teacher would spend most time reading the bible or other books. 3. Each day the teacher will fill in
lamps and clean out chimneys. In recess the pioneer students brought out their toys, sling shots, hoops, corn husk dolls and maybe even balls. But the boys and girls had to be seperate. The teacher was strict because, she
wanted all the students to listen to her. they didn't have much paper so
they used slates and chalk instead of paper and pencil.
Slates were much easier to use
since you can erase what you did and you can just reuse it. Schoolhouse Rules: 1. Don't cross your legs.
2. Sit up straight.
3. Don't talk unless you put your hand up.
4. Stand up to talk.
5. Hands in your lap or on your desk. 1. Wear a dunce cap.
2. Hold heavy books.
3. Put your nose on the chalk board standing on your tippy toes.
4. Your hair gets pinned up on the wall.
5. Get slapped on the palms with
a belt 3 times ( move away get 3
more. I hope you liked my presentation The Schoolhouse I
Built The schoolhouse that I built is
made out of a box.
It has brown paper covering it,
and for the board it was painted
The inside desks are little blocks
of styrofoam with little thin sticks
of wood for the legs. The box stove is by the two doors. There is a bell for the teacher to ring.
A black piece of paper was used for the blackboard. The doors were cut out by my teacher Mrs. Manley. Glossary: 1. Corn husk dolls - Dolls made out of corn husk.
2. Dunce cap - A cap you wear on your head as a punishment.
3. Schoolhouse - A one room school.
4. Pioneer - A hard working person from the olden days.
5. Slates - A mini chalk board. I wanted to do this
presentation on the
schoolhouse because
it was fun and interesting,
and because it was my
favourite building on our
field trip to Country Herritage park. I used plastic trees as trees for the outside
of my schoolhouse, and I used real
rocks for the
decoration outside with the trees. I also used a toy apple basket for decoration outside too. I used a toy pioneer as
the teacher and Mrs. Manley glue gunned her down behind the teacher's desk. Punishments
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