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The Algonquian speaking Assateague Tribe

No description

Gwen Fireheart

on 26 September 2013

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Transcript of The Algonquian speaking Assateague Tribe

The Algonquian speaking Assateague Tribe
by Gwen Lefkowitz
Live in many areas across the East Coast and Midwest regions.
Reached peak population in 1600 at roughly 70,000- 100,000.
Were mainly settlers, but would occasionally migrate to rivers.
In Colonial times, the Iroquois League fought with New England Algonquians.
Algonquian- speaking people
Population is up for debate, as there is no recorded numbers in the past or present.
Made their homes in the swamps, marshes, and bays of Virginia.
Considered the most warlike of all the Shore Indians and are also known as the Kickotanks.
Hunted, fished, and farmed.
Basic Info- Assateague people
Lives primarily in the DelMarVa region.
One of the most concentrated places where they live is Chincoteague and Assateague Islands, in Virginia.
Lived in Chincoteague and Assateague Island for much of their lives.
Have had both good and bad relations with the settlers.
Location & European Contact
Believed in a Creator/ One Great Spirit that lived in the Earth and helped them.
All animals are their extended families and they have Clans devoted to three of the animals: Bear, Osprey, Wolf.
Their Myths
Every year, there is a feast in November that is a significant ritual.
They have Powwows a lot, and many of their important rituals begin with a small powwow to bless the ritual.
They have a Council with both men and women
Assateague Beliefs and Traditions
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