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La Disparu de la Dinosaure / The Dinosaur Extinction

No description

Feben Habete

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of La Disparu de la Dinosaure / The Dinosaur Extinction

Double click anywhere & add an idea La Disparu de la Dinosaure A long time ago, the world used to be a huge piece of land called "Panasia". Not only was there a big piece of land, but also, creatures. These creatures were called
DINOSAURS. Un long temps il y a le monde, qui etait un immerse morceau de la terre appeler Panasia. Non seulement un grande morceau de terre, mais aussi il y avait des creatures etaient le DINOSAURE. The Dinosaur Extinction There were many types of dinosaurs. Such as the Adasaurs, it was a meat eater and lived in Mongolia in the Cretacous period. Il y a avait beacoup de taper de dinosaure. Comme l'Adasaurus, qui etait un caranassier et vivant dans Mongolia dans da periode Cretacous. Alamosaurus was a plant eater and lived in the late Cretacous period, which is now known as, USA. It was around 69 feet (21 metres) long, and weighted about 33 tons. Alamosaurus qui etait un omnivourus et vivre dans de la fin de la periode Cretacous, quel a maintenant ou, USA. Il etre autour de 69 pied (21 metre0 long, et le poids a propos de 33 tonnes. Monoclonius also lived in the Cretacous period in North America, and was about 16 1/2 feet long and weighs about 2 tons. Monoclonious aussi vivre dans le Cretacous periode dans Nord Amerique, et etre une centaine 16 1/2 le pied long et peser une centaine 2 un tas. Now many of you probably thought, whatever happened to those magnificent creatures? Maintenant autant de vous probablement, l'idee qu-est-ce qui se passer a ces magnifique creatures? We were told that a meteor hit the Earth, broke up the continents and killed all of the dinosaurs. But here's what really happened. Nous approuver agonir ce un meteor frapper la terre, s'est en haut le continent et victimes tout de le dinosaure. Mais ici quel vraiment se passer. One day, the Earth shifted and Panasia began to sink, and all the living creatures including the dinosaurs, got drowned. Une jour, de terre changer et Panasia commencer a couler, et tout le vivent creatures compris le dinosaure, avoir se noyer. Eventually, the water rose back up, and the land came back up and was broken into the continents that we have now. Which is North America, South America, Africa, Asia, Europe, Austrailia & Oceania, and Antarctica. Finalement, l'eau la hausse soutenir en haut, et de la terre n'ont soutenir en haut et etre casse dans de continents ce nous avoir maintenant. Quel etre Amerique de Nord, Amerique de Sud, Afrique, Asie, Europe, Austrailia & Oceania, and Antarctique. Now we discover dinosaur bones which is buried in the ground. But whatever happened to the flying dinosaurs? Maintenant decouvrir le dinosaure l'os quel etre enterre dans le sol. Mais droit se passer a le voler dinosaure?
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