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The Blackboard Festival

No description

Sharon Flynn

on 4 December 2014

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Transcript of The Blackboard Festival

The Blackboard Festival
Creating a Sense of Excitement and Enthusiasm for Staff Development Sessions
cc licensed ( BY NC ) flickr photo by jaswooduk: http://flickr.com/photos/7601902@N03/9248094218/

The CELT Learning Technologies Team:
Margaret Forde, Paul Gormley, Blaneth McSharry, Gráinne McGrath and Labhaoise Ní Dhonnchadha
The Issues
The Concept
The Event
Winter Fest
Staff need support to get the best out of technology
They don't have time for training
Scheduled workshops are well attended but...
VLE as trojan horse
cc licensed ( BY NC SA ) flickr photo by Grumbler %-|: http://flickr.com/photos/grumbler/271398673/
Bigger range of staff who need training
Beyond the basics
New features in SP12
Encourage use along the spectrum
Demonstrate good practice
Festival theme - create a sense of fun
Schedule a series of events on a single day
- sign up for multiple workshops and get the most out of the training and expertise on hand
- group related topics together
Repeat sessions during the week
- flexibility for staff who work part-time or had other commitments
Offer a combination of event types
10am on Thursday 15th August to 2pm on Wednesday 21st August
10 different workshops/demonstrations
each at least twice
total of 24 events scheduled
Positive Initial Reaction
This is great Sharon. I’ve signed up for the festival!
What a great initiative!

Would you like a banner on the staff intranet?
This is fantastic! Looking forward to signing up for lots of sessions!
58 individuals used the online registration form to sign up for one or more sessions
A further few people just turned up on the day.
Numbers signing up to each workshop ranged from 13 to 28.
More than half (31) signed up for 3 or more sessions.
Participants came from across all disciplines
Team forced to become familiar with various features of Blackboard, particularly the new features
- in a better position to support and advise staff in future
Team became more aware of the specific needs of staff
- better understanding of the culture within which Blackboard is being used, and the particular challenges that teaching staff are facing
A number of mini-projects were identified with different members of staff
Goodwill was generated between teaching staff and the technologies team, building on an environment which can be leveraged to support a positive culture of teaching and learning across the university.
Thank You!
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