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Copy of A Nasty Shock for Eric Evans

No description

Maisie Springett

on 1 February 2014

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Transcript of Copy of A Nasty Shock for Eric Evans

Training and

Maisie Springett,Mantas Snarskis, Isobel Newbury, Jamie Foster & Rhys Griffin
Introduction to ABC Ltd.
Manufacturer and distributor or air conditioning systems
Located in North of England
Outposts of ABC in Spain, Japan, Norway and Australia.
A Large organisation selling worldwide but runs as a small company.
Suffering from inefficient management
Lack of Communication
Leadership Skills
Lack of Staffing
High Absenteeism
Lack of Training and Development
No personnel department
High Labour Turnover
"Lad Culture"
By having effective communication between employees and employers ,you can achieve a more efficient, productive and satisfying work environment
Lack of Staff
Management and Leadership skills

Managers perform functions in organisations and hold a particular formal title and / or fulfill
a role

Brooks 2006 p.152
Leadership styles
Eric's leadership style

Doesn't pay attention to what's happening within the team
Very hands-off

Doesn't recruit new

Doesn't pay attention to
his employers' private

Lack of staff
Not having cover to people,who are absent
Stressful work environment
Big workload
Possible solutions
Hire new people
Send employees to trainings
Arrange cover , if someone is absent
Reduce workload
Doesn't provide
opportunities to train
Stressful working environment
Stress- a condition or feeling experienced when a person perceives that demands exceeds personal and social resources the individual is able to mobilize
Stressful situations in ABC Ltd
Unclear work schedule
Employees never know what they are up to
Have to work to really late
No opportunity to plan social and personal life
No vacations schedule
Quite dull and repetitive job
Employees often are woken up in the middle of the night and asked to come to work
Sales people make rash promises to the customer, and never consult with engineers
Flexible working hours
Direct line of communication between sales people and service department
Create clear work schedules
Create shift time tables and manage work times instead of being called at 3 am from clients
Clear vacations schedules
Introduction of Eric Evans
Introduction to ABC Ltd
Training and Development
Job Satisfaction
"The extent to which a person's hopes, desires, and expectations about the employment he/she is engaged in are fulfilled"
Indicators of job dissatisfaction
-High Labour Turnover
Low Job Satisfaction
Collins English Dictionary.
Collins English Dictionary.
(2014) retrieved from Collins English Dictionary Website. http://www.collinsdictionary.com/dictionary/english/job-satisfaction
Case Study: A Nasty Shock for Eric Evans.
(2005); retrieved from Mullins, L. Management and Organisational Behaviour, 7th Edition by Joanna Brewis.
Wilson, F M. (2004)
Organizational Behaviour and Work.
New York: Oxford University Inc.
Job Satisfaction and work performance.
(2005); retrieved from Mullins, L. Management and Organisational Behaviour, 7th Edition by Joanna Brewis.
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Organizational Behaviour.
2e. Chichester: Wiley.
Huczynski, A.A. and Buchanan, D.A. (2013)
Organisational Behaviour.

"He had recruited no less than five engineers in the previous two years, three of whom had left after a very short time."
-High Absenteeism
Case Study: A Nasty Shock for Eric Evans.
"We've been down on staff constantly recently." -

Employee Empowerment
Employee Involvement
Effective Communication
Open meetings
Anonymous feedback forms
Involve staff in problem solving.
Training and development
More productive
Flexible workforce
Managers must:
Demonstrate people's values
Share visions, goals and aims
Delegate authority
Provide resources for feedback
Reward and recognise employees
Low Job Satisfaction
What contributes towards stress and strain
"Characteristics of the job, for example, work overload, lack of career progression, shift work and long hours."

Cooper and Cummings (1998)
No space For Personal Growth
No space to train on new systems , so they always do the same work

Lowered job satisfaction could contribute to high absentiesm.
Solutions To Personal Growth
Training on different systems will prevent the job from becoming boring and repetitive.

Training on different systems could be done on the job , with staff learning and motivating off eachother.
Herzbergs Two Factor Theory
He suggests a two step approach to understanding employee motivation & satisfaction.

Under motivator factors (based on the need for personal growth) , factors include opportunity for advance and personal growth in job & challenging , stimulating work.

There are 3 individual stages of communication. The one we are going to look at is channel. Channel is a medium through which a message is transmitted to an audience.
Lack of Communication
"Communication- the transmission of information, the exchange of meaning, between at least two people."

Huczynzski & Buchanan (2007)
Lack of communication between Eric and his staff. Eric is not informed about workers, who do not come to work, because they are sick.
Poor communication between sales people and engineers.

‘Plus the salespeople always make rash promises to the customer – they say they can get the system installed in such and such a time. They never consult us – they just come back and dump the order sheet on us’. This came from George Browne
Manager does not listen to
the employees' needs
Short daily morning meetings should be introduced in ABC Ltd, where managers could discuss day works with their workers and make sure if everyone is at work

Sales people have to consult with engineers before making an order.
Monthly one-to- one meetings between manager and his staff, to make sure if everyone is happy about the job and to keep warm relationships between employers.
Irregular Training
"Only training is for outside people" - George Browne - Maintenence staff member.

Solution Analysis for lack of training
Regular training can reinforce the skill level of the workforce.

Regular training also raises staff morale through job satisfaction.
Wilson, F M. (2004) pg.148

''What do you think ?''
''Do what you want''
There are many problems in this case study therefore, we have only mentioned the main ones, which are Eric's poor leadership skills, lack of communication between manager and his staff, which leads to stressful working environment and high job dissatisfaction. In order to improve ABC Ltd Eric must:
Change his leadership style
Pay more attention to staff personal needs
Provide opportunity for development and personal growth
Recruit new staff
Reduce workload
Introduce HR department and daily morning meetings

Involving everyone- the joining style.
The telling style

''Do as I say!''

''You choose what to do, but I know whats best''

“Leaders ... aim to influence and guide others into pursuing particular objectives or visions of the future and to stimulate them into wanting to follow.” (Brooks 2006 p.152)
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