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Legal and ethical issues in Digital Marketing

MA Digital Marketing Communications, WSA, University of Southampton

Dr Julia Wolny

on 4 May 2012

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Transcript of Legal and ethical issues in Digital Marketing

422 respondents agreed with the following definition of privacy: “No one having access to my personal data without my agreement”.
No mention was made of marketing/promotional benefits
This is rapidly changing...
Respondents listed the following beneficial uses of location data: emergency services (429); solving crime (355); preventing terrorism (314); parents for their children (230). Only 23 respondents considered it beneficial for employers to track employees.
Barkuus and Dey (2003) identified that mobile phone users weighed up the benefits and disadvantages of intrusiveness versus usefulness of marketing communications delivered to their phone.
Location-based mobile data
What is privacy?
Dr Julia Wolny
University of Southampton
Ethical and Legal Issues in Digital Marketing
Recent survey about user understanding of
privacy, 2012
Privacy issues - definitions and concerns
Marketing uses of information
Google data-driven marketing
Behavioural Advertising
Complience and cookies
The Future? ...GDPR

Marketers have to constantly deal with tensions between personalization and privacy (Kobsa, 2007).
Problem of privacy has been recognized in early research dealing with consequences of new internet technologies (Peterson, Balasubramanian, & Bronnenberg, 1997; Clarke, 1999).
With rise in digital, the issue of big data security and prevention of unauthorized use is very important. Even if users agree on providing data for a specified purpose, security is still a big concern for them (Limbu et al., 2011; Roman, 2007).

Ethics in Marketing

‘Crucially, responsible companies need to examine the values that their advertisements invoke, and therefore strengthen, in society. ‘
Advertising Standards Authority (ASA)
Responsible Marketing
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