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Butterfly Garden Proposal

No description

Rachel Higgins

on 7 May 2014

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Transcript of Butterfly Garden Proposal

Butterfly Garden Proposal
The Problem
Dear Mrs. Farr,
We just learned this, 43% of monarch butterfly population died out, so we wanted to ask you if we could build new butterfly garden with milkweed. We want to do this because farmers are killing milkweed, which is they only thing that caterpillars eat. If we plant milkweed we can save monarch butterflies, because Missouri is one of their stops on their migration. We can feed them with the garden. We are researching flowers and butterflies like Monarch butterflies . So that is why we need to get a butterfly garden.

Our Plan
Our plan is to build a butterfly garden in the green thumb garden. We would like to make posters and we would like to tell other classes about the butterflies. We can put posters on the fire trucks. We can put up posters up on decade night. We can make a play and show it to other classes. We want to contact the newspaper and let everyone know we all need to plant milkweed!
Things We Need
We have some very big questions to ask you!

Mrs. Higgins and her next year class are going to take care of the butterfly garden. All classes can use it to learn abut life cycles, how plants grow, all about monarch butterfly's migration and much more. Mrs. Higgins said she would take care of it this summer break. We will plant more and more milkweed in the future as we go.
Do Have
Garden Space
Parents to help
Still Need
Butterfly friendly flowers
Can we make posters and put them around the school? We will put facts about butterflies and how people can help them.
If we can't find enough flowers to plant for free can we have a fundraiser for flowers for the garden?
Can we go around the school into other classes and talk about our plan and the butterflies?
Can we have the D.J. at Decade night announce the butterfly plan?
Please, please, please let us do this we will be responsible and respectful. We really want to do this! Thank you!
Thank you!


They only lay their eggs on milkweed
if we had all of the monach butterflies in one place it would only cover 2 acres
only eat milkweed
only 57% of the population is left
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