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Origins of Judaism

No description

Kim Kovacic

on 17 September 2013

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Transcript of Origins of Judaism

Origins of Judaism
If you were there...
You and your family are herders, looking after large flocks of sheep. Your grandfather is the leader of your tribe. One day, your grandfather says that your whole family will be moving to a new country where there is more water and food for your flocks. The trip will be long and difficult.
How do you feel about going to a new land?
Early History
-2000-1500BC: Hebrews, ancestors of the Israelites and Jews appeared

-Early history written by Hebrew scribes became known as the Hebrew Bible

-Abraham: God told him to leave his home in Mesopotamia & go west

-Settled in Canaan

Jewish Beliefs
Why did major religions and belief systems grow?
Think- Pair- Share!
Like the family described above, the early Hebrews moved to new lands in ancient times. According to a Jewish tradition, their history began when God told an early Hebrew leader to travel west to a new land.
Descendants of Abraham moved to Egypt
-Population in Canaan grew, which worried the Pharaoh & Israelites had too much power
-Israelites became slaves

Moses; 1200BC- God told Moses to led Israelites out of Egypt

Exodus: Journey where Moses led his people out of Egypt
Searching the desert for Canaan... found Mt. Sinai: Ten Commandments
-Moral laws that shaped Jewish society

Reached Canaan & settled down

Built great temple in Jerusalem
death of king: 2 kingdoms
Israel & Judah.
People of Judah became known as Jews

Belief in one God: monotheistic
Judaism was worlds first monotheistic religion
-Shaped Jewish society
-Have special responsibility to improve the world
God guides their history through relationships with Abraham, Moses and other leaders
Justice & Righteousness
Justice: kindness & fairness in dealing with others
-give aid to those who need it, poor, sick, orphan
Righteousness: what is proper and act that way even if others around them are not
Observance of Religious and Moral law
Ten Commandments: worship only one God, do not murder, steal, lie

Mosaic Law: recorded by Moses, guide many areas of Jews' daily lives, such as how people pray and observe holy days
Jewish Texts
Torah: Most sacred text of Judaism
Laws, history of Jews until death of Moses (revealed to Moses by God)
-In synagogue, readers do not touch

Hebrew Bible: Torah is 1st 3 parts in this
2nd part: 8 books describe prophets
Final: Stories to show power of faith; proverbs

Book of Psalms
Rabbis: religious teachers that study Torah and Jewish laws
Talmud: 2nd to Hebrew Bible

Hanukkah: December, celebrates victory that allowed Jews to keep their religion when threatened by rulers
Did not have enough lamp oil to celebrate at temple, 1 day of oil lasted 8

Passover: March/April, honor the Exodus
High Holy Days: Rosh Hashanah; Jewish New year
Yom Kippur: most holy day, fasting, ask God to forgive their sins
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