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The American Culture of Fast Food

No description

India Lovejoy

on 8 April 2013

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Transcript of The American Culture of Fast Food

Warrants + Backing Cont'd The trap of the cheap calorie Warrants + Backing Unethical business tactics Data Counter Arguments Power of cheap calorie Rebuttals Several other costs associated with fast food consumption Conclusion Fast food has become a part of american culture By: India Lovejoy The American Culture of Fast Food Who? How? What? Low income African American 1/3 of all americans Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program $5 per day per person Addiction 300,000 obesity related deaths Healthy food means more than organic food High in saturated fat & sodium Low in dietary fiber Gain 10Ib faster! Pelman v. McDonald’s No actions to fight obesity Fast Food & Tobacco 443,000 American Deaths per year $22 million spent on advertising daily Fast food spending $4.3 million Targeting children Depression Appearance consciousness Lack of self-confidence Lack of knowledge of Federal Dietary Guidelines Fighting a tight budget It's not America's problem you're fat Obesity is highly preventable The consumer is responsible Environment and genetics play large role Few americans know how to shop for the right foods Healthy options and increases in home cooking will create the best you What it means to be an American? Fast food is an issue that belongs to America as a whole
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