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The Sioux Indians

No description

jordan stacy

on 6 September 2012

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Transcript of The Sioux Indians

The Sioux Indians By Jordan Stacy Language The Sioux Indians spoke
Sioux in three different
variations: Nakota, Lakotah
and Dakotah. Migration Patterns The Sioux Indians
migrated with the
buffalo. They migrated
from North and South
Dakota to Kansas with the
buffalo in the winter and
back to the Dakotas in the
summer. Plants and Natural Resources Fun Fact:
The Sioux Indians
were one of the
first people to use
sighn language. The Sioux Indians
used the buffalo for
everything: food, clothing,
weapons, housing, tools, art
and many more things. They
also hunted elk and deer. The
Sioux originally grew crops but
once they settled into the great plains,
they grew very few crops and
traded with other tribes for food like corn.
The buffalo followed streams and other bodies of water so the Sioux
always had fresh water. Fun Fact:
The Sioux considered
the white buffalo sacred
so they never killed it. The Sioux Indians
built tepees 15ft high
that were made out of
sticks and buffalo hide.
Since they migrated often,
the tepees were easy to assemble
as disassemble. Animals:
The Sioux Indians
hunted buffalo,deer
and elk. They domesticated
dogs and hunted on horses.
Their dogs and horses "fought"
in battle and were not eaten if
killed. Fun Fact:
When a Sioux Indian
died in battle, the head
and tail of his horse were
buried with him to help him
"ride" to the afterlife The Sioux Indians used
buffalo hide to make clothes.
Women wore decorated dresses
and men wore pants, breechcloths
and shirts. They both wore moccasins.
In the Sioux, both the men and the women wore their hair very long. Fun Fact:
The Sioux Indians
were actually divided
into seven different tribes.
The chief of tribe one wore
one feather on his head, the
chief from tribe two wore two
feathers on his head and so on.
Tribe seven was the most powerful. The Sioux still practiced their
traditions and had tribes in the
great plains in Minnesota and
the Dakotas up until 1864. Between
the years of 1864 and 1991, the Sioux
fought 4 major wars and 5 minor wars
(the minor ones lasting less than a year). During that time period, the Sioux tribe lost 85% of their land and 44% of the population
was killed. The reaming members of the
Sioux now live in North and South Dakota
and on the western edge of Minnesota. About
40% of these people still practice the Sioux
religion. Fun Fact:
The Sioux Indians were
one of the most populated
tribes in the western hemisphere.
They were also considered the most
dangerous warriors on horseback. Sioux Migration Pattern Native
Project Dwellings Fun Fact:
There were flaps
on the top of the tepees
that they could easily open
with sticks so they could build
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