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Kenosha Creative Community Prezi

A public Prezi recording the Kenosha Creative Community and its development--the September 2013 Creative Summit and November 2013 Unconference--and BEYOND! See also Kenosha Community Spreadsheet at http://j.mp/kenoshaspreadsheet

James Carlson

on 17 November 2013

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Transcript of Kenosha Creative Community Prezi

Outcomes and Ideas
November 16
What is the future of the Kenosha creative economy?
Southport Beach Home
See the little numbers near where you're sitting?

That's your group!

We're going to break up into groups and talk.

Then we'll report out.
Next Steps
Follow-up survey coming out Monday
Includes presenters presentations
Will include question about adding organization to the list of groups that exist in the community

What could you do personally as a result of your learning today?

What did you learn from the breakout that you can use?

What meta-level or community-wide efforts could be advanced next?
Standard pricing - value for the industry

Increase in blogging

Email list -> Blog

MARN (Milwaukee Artist Resource Network)
Longest running Yahoo group in North America, it seems
Make sure everyone is on the choir!
central repository of information on what's happening:
* event calendar
* organization directory or list

Facebook - maybe a tag?
Fundamental question:
Who will take the lead on _____?
For all initiatives, who is responsible?
Who will coordinate communications?
What other needs--who else could we collaborate with on this?
Highschool student projects - getting support and getting word out.
Are we including everyone? Is anyone isolated from this?
Folks have lived here for a while with little awareness of what's already here.

Milwaukee / Chicago Corridor
Kenosha Area Visitor's Bureau needs more information about arts in the area
JEM Grant
Carthage College
Parkside - not in residential neighborhoods

Foreign Arts Film Series: Gallery shows right there before/after film to exhibit artwork, thus learn more about efforts

Billboards downtown announcing where / what is going on at the colleges

Radio friendly community

Connect film series with visual arts

All get on same page-- event today opens eyes to improve awareness of other efforts

Groups might identify a problem, create a new group instead of align with existing efforts - duplication vs integration

Events like this happen more often (perhaps quarterly?)

Explore examples of other smaller communities creating a scene (e.g. music events)
Arts Commission Meetings: 15 minutes of Fame at the beginning of the meetings
After an event, how good are we at celebrating success?

Creating buzz around next event?

Whassamatta with playin here?

What kind of welcome do we offer to the new groups and performers starting up here?

What effort could focus on those who are new to this area, and makers/creators/performers?

Celebrate the existing success stories -- who are they, what is their story?
1st Tues of each month
Cohesive area to share information, events, awareness, contacts

Huge population of people who aren't aware -- folks who returned from college aren't aware

Internal promotion, paper flyers, high level of ambient awareness, ubiquitous coverage
Move to indicators of success and away from indicators of shame.
Make the opportunity that is here more visible
Show that the city is make-able
Get to the millenial community -- draw them out to the experiences
Cross age segregation boundaries, race / etc.

8:30 Registration & Networking
9:00 Welcome
Dean Yohnk, Dean of the College of Arts and Humanities, UW-Parkside
9:05 Introduction & State of the Arts in Kenosha Survey Results
Jayne Herring, Director, Marketing & Communications, Gateway Technical College Chair, City of Kenosha Commission on the Arts
Debra Karp
Director of Community Engagement at UW-Parkside’s Center for Community Partnerships, Board President of Arts Wisconsin
9:45 - Keynote Presentation - Building for Strength in Creative Community
James Carlson
CEO, Bucket Brigade & School Factory
10:15 Refreshments & Networking
10:30 Break Out Sessions
Art Marketing & Promotion: Melissa Musante
Community Collaboration: Violet Ricker
Volunteer Recruitment: Kendra Buchanan & Tracy Nielsen
11:30 Refreshments, Networking, & Arts Organizations Expo
12:30 Arts Wisconsin Regional World Cafe' Community Meeting (optional)
3:30 Approximate dismissal
September 2013
build community,
share learning, define problems, identify solutions
Room 1
Room 2
Room 3
Room 4
Plan the agenda
Share learnings
What is your name?
What do you make?
What will you share today?
What are you seeking today?

collection of skills, talents, and opportunities
What did we learn?
What is the future of the Kenosha Creative Community?
"More events!"
Kenosha Creative Unconference
Ideas we generated together:
Sponsored by:
Debra Karp
Tracy Nielsen
Kendra Buchanan
Melissa Musante
Violet Ricker
James Carlson
Southport Beach House
Studies, groups talking about what to do--
It's a hard topic! Are we re-inventing the wheel? Are we defending our turf?

The beachhouse was given to the citizens of Kenosha in 1941, and paid for by Public Works Administration and the founding industrialists of Kenosha.

Community Center - for all!

Needs sustaining effort.
You can schedule it online
Rent with credit card
Get keypad code lets you use the space
Secure storage / storage management
Orson Welles
Form a new non-profit to orchestrate?
Have an existing non-profit adopt?
For only $300, you can have a hot-dog wedding!
Energy around the topic celebrating Orson's 100th B-day
He was a polymath
Take two weekends, run events
Menu of events
Format: Progressive Dinner of Orson Welles
1. Establish tours of his house
2. Contact colleges to have film festival
3. Playing cards
4. Radio show
5. Tie-in with Kenosha Convention / Visitors Bureau to offer visitor packages -- "EXPERIENCE THE CREATIVE GENIUS"
+ 25 MORE ideas!
Next steps:
1. Get the word out
2. Promote facebook page
3. Find other mediums too
4. Organize bus tours
Diversity, Inclusion, Expansion
77.1% White,
10.0% African American,
0.6% Native American,
1.7% Asian,
0.1% Pacific Islander,
6.8% from other races,
3.8% from two or more races.
16.3% Hispanic or Latino of any race
2010 Census Data
Who else did Kenosha make?

Who else made the history?

Who else makes the future?
Age diversity
1. People are doing things
2. People want to be involved
3. We have to be appealing
Venue listing of what's open to minors
Spoken word, open mic nights
List of hobby groups / trade groups open to minors and different communities
Change the liquor license process
Include the youth
Community and Creative Arts Space
Already made some connections and built new ideas
Keep hearing: We need a space!

It's right here, right around the corner.
Contact Mary or Francisco

Collaborating for multi-use facility which is in the middle of downtown.
6 rooms
available for artists
Help design the mission statement!
Space available for community
Kenosha Art Association established in 1950
Earmarked Building Fund
Partnership with city to have building converted into Creative Space
Could we have a gathering or brainstorming session in the space?
Opening summer 2014
Marketing, Branding
The City of Kenosha is putting out RFP for Branding the City
Looking to hire a firm to lead us in those efforts
Will have forums for public input
Getting involved in Downtown Inc.
2nd Saturday events in downtown: "Too much is happening at once and it's hard to get to all of it."
Creatively marketing to Kenoshans --

How do we get the people who are here to participate in what's here?

Plaid Tuba - Reggie Baylor - putting Creativity back into Marketing. Parkside, Racine, ArtMilwaukee, Plaid Tuba
January 24 5-8 UW Parkside
8-11 at Racine Art Museum
What groups are looking for space?
What spaces are looking for groups?
Historical tour on streetcar - On Streetcar Theatre
Skinner Hall
The Rhode Center
Performing Arts, New Music
We need a large scale music venue

"Commercial" music venue

Maybe somewhere near the highway
The list is being made!
Talked about the arts and the spaces
Impermanent forms of art
Audience is not here
Leave and go somewhere else

New music / original music
Gina Laurenzi Studio
Performance spaces for musicians, standup, plays, etc.

"The only place for bands to play is in a bar, therefore, music is not for kids."
Small performance space on 7th Ave.
Not a bar. Looking to get small concerts, small shows, available early evening, not a late night place
4 rentable studios
Opening February
Old Grand Central
Next Generation
2 questions as a group:
What does the current generation look like? What is the generation?
"I want someone younger than me"

Community Media: How do we use community assets to teach people how, for example, to record their own youtube?
Let's include the physical and virtual in the scope of what's offered to the next generation
THE LIBRARY becomes a reinvention
Check the Midland Cty Library in TX
What about children? Director of Fine Arts - Pull in some faculty who are doing art, theatre, dance, lit, etc. and ask them: What are the gaps in your program the community can align to fill? What are some ideas we can do together?
Arts Fund
Turn into an operating fund with higher engagement
If you get soliticited for contributions to the arts fund, contribute
Creative Summit
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