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My Personal Learning Environment

This is to show my personal digital resources for learning and how i utilise them

matthew mckenna

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of My Personal Learning Environment

My Personal Learning Environment ! My prefered search engine Personalised using Rss feeds Like Google news for day-to-day updates Google scholar can help me to research scientific journals To keep up with my lecture notes I can use the University of Leeds VLE Which allows me to My modules i am currently studying See if there is any annoucements And check out the module maps Leeds Portal This is were i can Send and recieve emails from Lecturers and other students Check books out of the library See what's happening with my School Access Leeds for Life Even access University programs from home Amongst many, there are two websites that i use alot to help me with my studies... For background research ideas i use wikipedia, this can slo link me to useful articles To access my books i bought and other material online i use student consult It also allows me to access unique e-learning content and even download my book to my computer and phone! So that pretty much sums-up my...
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