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Climate Change Adaptation

No description

Taryn Akiyama

on 12 November 2013

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Transcript of Climate Change Adaptation

Climate Change Adaptation in California
Insurance Key Terms
Health Questions
Health Questions
What do you think about these results?
How important do you consider coordination with other state agencies and local agencies?
By Taryn Akiyama
Policies Key Terms
Mitigation: actions taken to lower the concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere (e.g. renewable energy)
Adaptation: actions taken to reduce negative climate change consequences (e.g. drought resistant crops)
Mayors Climate Protection Agreement (MCPA): voluntary agreement to lower greenhouse gas emissions
International Council for Local Government Initiatives (ICLEI): paid membership with technical assistance to conduct emissions inventory, set emission targets, create local action plan, implement policies, and monitor and report progress
Policies Questions
What can motivate government officials to initiate more adaptation in addition to mitigation efforts?
What can motivate government officials to adopt more systematic efforts rather than individual actions or "win-win" policies?
What can motivate government officials to support climate actions like ICLEI rather than political rhetoric like MCPA?
Insurance: large number of people or businesses that pay into a fund that compensates members who suffer loss
Solvency: the degree to which the current assets exceed the current liabilities
Moral hazard: consumer tendency to fail to protect against risks that are insured
Insurance Questions
Do you think that insurance pricing and availability is a strong solution for addressing climate change?
To what extent do you think the insurance industry should protect us from climate risks?
Do you think people should be allowed to build or stay in homes prone to serious risks?
Do you think government officials should allow insurance regulators to influence land use planning?
What do you think about these results?
How can health agencies address these climate consequences particularly for vulnerable groups?
Health Questions
What do you think about these results?
Why do you think there is such a contrast?
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