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Nursing Informatics

No description

Ben Rebecca

on 16 March 2015

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Transcript of Nursing Informatics

Nursing Informatics
Finalize NCH Request
"Complete" Blood Admin order when finished administration to prevent duplicate orders
Follow Up on Ask Our Execs
Look at the budget compared to time for nurses to get out of numbers and focus on Shared Governance
Go back to your units and come up with three common scenarios/areas of difficulty involving expansion technology.

Keep focused to a task or use (Calling a nurse on another unit from your Voalte rather than the Voalte didn't work on Friday)

Please email these to me by 3/30
Exploration - Tech Fair
1. Kidshealth
2. Video Interpreter
3. Teamshare
4. GWN
5. Philips Monitors
6. Voalte
7. Telehealth
8. Brightstart
9. Assistive Communication Devices (Hopefully)
10. Virtual TLC
11. Safety Store
12. MarCom - Social Media – How to keep kids safe
13. Employee Health – Way to 100
14. P•tube – Quick reminders Tip Sheet (Quick Directory – Lab & Blood bank)
15. Emergency Mgmt.

Change Requests
Last month: Request to remove " Q Shift"
Thanks for coming
Don't forget to sign up for EPIC upgrade
March 2015
☺EPIC Upgrade Samples
☺Finalize NCH Request "Complete Blood Admin"
♥Follow up from "Ask our Executives"
☺Education - Re-education
☺Exploration - 5/8 Tech Fair
☺New Change Requests?
Goal to identify "work arounds" and refocus on correct way to do something (which may have previously been broken.)
Re-Education Cont.
Technology Resource Binder
What metrics can we use to measure our success?

Find yours

Review it

Make it visible to the unit
16. Policy Tech
17. RFID Equipment Tracking
New Tech Time

General Fair
Additional change requests?
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