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Case Study part 1

No description

Sophie Baker

on 25 March 2013

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Transcript of Case Study part 1

CSI: New York Case Study Basic Information -This TV crime drama is called CSI New York, short for Crime Scene Investigation and the setting is New York. This is obvious evidence that this is a TV crime drama. The sub genre is medical and forensics. There are other versions of CSI which are still crime dramas but located in different areas, examples include CSI Miami and CSI Las Vegas.

-The TV crime drama's usual running time is between 41 and 45 minutes. The show is broadcast on CBS TV, channel 5, channel 9 and various other channels. CSI is frequently broadcast on Wednesday nights at 10 o'clock. In 2009 CSI had 73.8 million viewers. BARB says that CSI NY had 458 thousand viewers on 5 USA alone, in July 2012. Main Characters -Some main characters include:
•Detective Mac Taylor, he is the head of the New York City crime lab and the leader of the csi team.

•Detective Jo Danville, she is a kind and open minded character unlike Detective Taylor. Character types Mac Taylor- Hero, a stereo typical police officer (male, looks tough, has a deep voice ect)
Jo Danville- Donor, low standard heroine cop but more advanced than Lindsay.
Danny Messer- Donor, Danny and Mac are vague buddy cops.
Lindsay Messer- Donor, rookie-ish to begin with but develops into a low standard heroine cop but needs some help to solve the crimes. Setting CSI New York is set in coincidentally New York. This a typical Crime drama setting because cities are usually linked with crime and threat, filled with stories and alibis of law and order. Any city would experience more crime than anywhere else because of the size of the population and the size of the location, meaning anyone could be involved and not be caught because of the large area of the city. Representation Mac Taylor- Detective Mac Taylor is portrayed as an intelligent, serious, mysterious, suspicious, curious, caring and selfless character. In series 1 episode 1 the audience discover that Mac's wife died during 911, this makes the viewer have feelings of sorrow for the detective and acknowledge the reason why he keeps himself to himself. This also shows that Mac has an emotional side to him. Mac seems like the sort of man who is not too fussed about his own well being and emotions but genuinely concerned about other peoples. The character comes across to be a little lost and confused, I think this is because his wife was a guidance for Mac and now she is gone he is alone and does not know how to approach certain situations and manage life on his own. Detective Danny Messer. He has a habit of using his intuition, which has made him and Mac not see eye to eye on several occasions.

Detective Lindsay Monroe Messer is married to Danny and also works with the CSI team. Codes and conventions of a TV crime drama A TV crime drama is unique when being compared to other genres of TV programmes or films. The reason for this is because they relate to reality and ordinary people, just like the audience who watch TV crime dramas. They also show the audience how detectives come about solving a crime and catching the villain. The audience usually try to guess who the criminal is because they enjoy it and are intrigued by the programme itself. Settings, characters and plot all differ to other genres, in a TV crime drama.
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