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Book Report 1: The Familars

No description

Vanessa Scantland

on 16 October 2012

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Transcript of Book Report 1: The Familars

The Familars In the novel "the Familiars" Aldwyn the streetwise alley cat finds himself in the wizard world as a pet to a young wizard boy named Jack. When Jack and his friends get captured by an evil Queen, its up to Aldwyn and his new friends, Skylar and Glibert to save the day! Plot summary The reading strategy I used before reading my book is predicting. The reading strategy I used while reading my book is visualizing. Lastly the reading strategy I used after I read my book is evaluation. Reading Strategies Exposition: Elements of Plot in my Novel The main conflict in my book is person v.s. person.
( Aldwyn v.s. Queen Lorenna [Paksahara]). But there are other conflicts allong the way. Most of them are Familiar v.s. monster! Conflicts There is a lot of flashbacks in my book, mostly in the form of dreams. Literary Devices The setting is at first a street with loads of alleyways, but soon turns into forests and hills. The tone in the book is mysterious. The main characters are all animals. There names are Aldwyn, Skylar, and Gilbert. The End! Rising action: the inciting force in my novel is a character named Grymslade. He is a bounty hunter and is chasing after Aldwyn when he jumps into the magical pet shop. Then the real adventure begins............ Climax: The climax in my book is when Aldwyn, Skylar, and Gilbert face Paksahara in an epic battle! Falling Action: Aldwyn and all of his friends go home. Resoultion/Conclution: In the end Paksahara got away, but Aldwyn and his friends are safe, for now........
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