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The life of Prisha Patel

No description

P patel

on 14 January 2015

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Transcript of The life of Prisha Patel

The life of Prisha Patel

Written by, Prisha


My family

I like to draw and paint. I love all my family members. My favorite subject in school is computers and art. I love cats and fish. I am a vegetarian. I don't eat meat, and I'm proud of it!!
My sister
My sister is very cranky. She yells a lot. She loves to cook and hates to clean up. She also loves dogs and cats. She is an awesome cook. I love her even if she always screams at me.
My dad is very smart. He always jokes around. I always need his help for my homework. He is very strict, and loves me. He always is very nice to me.
My mom is very nice. She loves to garden and cook. She is very good at Writing fancy. She works at Walmart and is the manager of Quizno's.
I love her so much.
My friends are Cerra Shattuck, Emma Jenkins, Trinity Allen, Renee Terrion, Trinity Smith, and Angela Nguyen. They are all very nice and supportive. Angela is my best friend she is very, very supportive.
My cousin's name is Mahi. She is two years old. She loves me very , very much. She loves to play, visit the park, and talk. She lives in Arizona, where it is very hot and dry.
Let me help you with your homework
My family consists of 4 people.
My sister, my mom, my dad, and me!!
My sister really grouchy if she doesn't get a good night sleep.
My mom is really nice. She likes gardening.
My dad is very smart. He helps me with my homework a lot.
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