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Physician Asset Protection

No description

Tyler Madden

on 22 August 2013

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Transcript of Physician Asset Protection

Physician Starting A New Practice
Where Do I Get Starting Capital?
How Do I Find Qualified:
Necessary Insurance?
How Do I Run a Business?
Where Do I Find the Time?
Residency is Over
Year Seven
How Does One Alleviate the Stresses?

Pennington Physician Asset Protection Program
Ligation Protection
Professional Insurance
Medical Billing
401K Plans / Defined Benefit Plans
Retirement Planning
Estate Planning
Financial Concierge for Physicians
We incorporate all aspects of your financial service needs
We create synergy with all your individual business and personal advisors
We are a doctor's one stop financial resource
Year Three
Purchase of Office Space
Working Capital

401K Plan
Business Insurance
Physician Asset Protection
Tax Advisory
Business Attorney
Financial Plan
Corporate Formation
Real Estate
What did we do for John?
Formed Corporation
RE and Business Financing
Legal Council
Personal and Business Tax Advisory
Medical Billing Specialist
Started Financial Plan
Estate Planning
Life Insurance
Home Mortgage
Disability Insurance
Financial / Tax Review
College Planning
Children Trust
Annuity Planning
Alternative Assets
Tax / Financial Advisory
Year Fifteen
Protection Kicks In
Business and Professional Insurance Protects the Practice

Proper Disability Insurance Protects Family

Estate Planning and Trusts have Protect Personal Assets

College is Paid For

Stage 1:
Business Expansion
Corporate Retirement Plan
Defined Benefit Plan

Key Man Insurance
Increase Working Capital
Tax / Financial Review
Back To Work
Retirement Planning

Diversify Income Streams

Alternative Asset Exposure

Business Valuation / Brokerage
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