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Jun Crissel Serapion

on 21 March 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

ICT and SPED Assistive Technology Turbo 6 Talking Battery Charger Is a voice output battery charger designed for use by individuals who are blind or have low vision.
it charges up to 6 batteries at once, with two charging compartments for flat 9-volt batteries and four compartments for cylindrical double-A, triple-A, C or D cells.
the unit is available in English and Spanish versions. Voice Sense Voice Sense is a braille notetaker and personal digital assistant designed for use by individual who are blind or have low vision.
has perkins-style keyboard
has a high speed processor with 1 gigabyte of memory, USB OTG port and SD and CF slots.
address and schedule manager
voice recording
daisy taking book player
MP3 player
FM radio receiver
wireless networking MILBAT KEYBOARD GUARD The keyboard guard is a custom keyboard design for use by individuals with upper extremity disabilities.
available with or without a USB connector, the keyboard is contained in a metal tray to protect it from impact. VoiceBt swicth adapted
bluetooth cell voice dialer a voice activated telephone dialer designed for use by individuals with upper extremity disabilities or amputation, neurological disabilities or cerebral palsy
enables the user to call, answer, or hang up with an adaptive switch VoiceIR Infrared Environment Voice Control System VoiceIR Infrared Environment Voice Control ystem A voice input remote control designed for use by individuals with mobility, neurological or severe physical disabilities or spinal cord injury.
allows the user to voice control a TV, DVD, TiVo, stereo or any device controlled with an infrared remote, with options and accessories to control light.
include voice instruction , Smart infrared learning or single button operation. VS Wordprediction It is a program designed for use by individuals with learning disabilities. It helps users with writing disabilities to write grammatically correct sentences and/or increase their writing speed on the computer.
include abbreviation expansion and the ability to make the prediction window follow the text cursor.
compatible with: Word, Wordpad, Notepad, Textpad and UltraEdit
support synthesized and recorded speech UbiDUO The UbiDuo is a keyboard communicator designed for use by individuals with hearing or communications disabilities. This portable, wireless, stand-alone communication device facilities simultaneous face to face communication by means of two people to have a face to face conversation. AESOP Is a voice output keyboard interface designed for used by individuals with blindness or low vision. Designed to aid users vision disabilities in learning touch typing
this unit is connected to a PS/2 standard computer keyboard and speaks each letter as it is typed in a digitized human-quality mail voice. AXIO Hearing Aid
(Model 1M32) is a programmable hearing aid designed for the use by individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing.
this digital hearing aid can adjust instantly to different listening environments without feedback while filtering out background noise. CHATPC-4 Is a direct selecting communicator designed for used by individuals with communication or speech disabilities or cerebral palsy.
it has color touch screen dynamic display that allows hundreds of communication pages to be linked together to meet the user's communication needs for home, school, work and other situations. Presented by:
Jun Crissel G. Serapion
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