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Internetmarketing YachtsXL Future of Superyachts 2010

"How could internetmarketing play a role in restoring the fortunes of the charter sector?" Presentation given during the 5th Annual Fututre of Superyachts Conference in Palma, Mallorca on the 22nd of June.

Roy van Zoggel

on 6 September 2010

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Transcript of Internetmarketing YachtsXL Future of Superyachts 2010

Luxury + Media = Partnership The Medium and The Message "How significant a role could internetmarketing play in restoring the fortunes of the charter sector?" "Embrace new technological opportunities" Roy van Zoggel
Owner/Founder YachtsXL Related Industries Costco sold rings of $180.000,- Rolex
Audemars Piquet Hermes
Louis Vuitton Bain & Company:Web revenues of luxury goods raises with 20% to 3,6 billion euro's Tiffany raises sales with 14% by internet Thanks for listening! Roy van Zoggel
Twitter: YachtsXL
Facebook: Roy van Zoggel
LinkedIn: Roy van Zoggel How? Mixed Strategy
Leverage the internet
Influences DP Combination of: Boatshow, magazines and online gives more experience and knowledge about the brand Targeting
Selective content
Closed communities
Engagement Reputation Facts & Figures "Age group 45-65 fasted growing group on Facebook" "90% of HNWI internet users regularly shop online and internet is the #1 source of infromation for luxury products" 2004: 750 million internet users
2008 1.4 billion internet users
Video stimulates the run to mobile internet
95% of online visitors are watching video's
The growth of mobile internet users is going 10 times faster than the growth of internet users have been doing
Targetted advertisements more measurable than ever
22% of internet time is social and blogs (Nielsen)
Luxury Society.com
Power and Motor Yacht Forum
Why? World wide
Relatively cheap
Internettrends 2010 Mobile
Location based services
Augmented reality
Behavioural targeting
Ipad "Trust to buy from internet raises" Accessible Exclusive TV Digital Print In-store Events VIP-service Accessible Exclusive TV Digital Print In-store Events VIP-service
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