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Robert Mondavi Wine, get after it.

what he said ^

Andrew Welenc

on 2 December 2010

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Transcript of Robert Mondavi Wine, get after it.

ROBERT MONDAVI Winery “Whatever you do, pour yourself into it.”
Erika Colbath, Rachael Dille, Jon Roberts, Steve Wakelin, Andrew Welenc Do you know your wine? Brief History Most innovative and highest quality
Oakville, California in 1966
Refrigerated stainless steel fermentation tanks
Woodbridge & Opus One
Vichon and the Byron Vineyard & Winery
Public - June 1993
Mondavi’s sons
Caliterra & Luce Della Vite
Second largest premium wine producer About the Company Gracious lifestyle
New range of wines in the UK
Technology, R&D, Sustainability
To Kalon Fermentation Cellar
Napa Sustainable Winegrowing Group (NSWG)
“Innovator” award - 1998 Problem June 1998 quarterly earnings had fallen 16% from previous year
Lost significant market share
Stock price plummeted
Strengths and Weaknesses Corporate Structure Strengths: 48% of the outstanding stock
Focus on the quality
Joint ventures
Top management structure
*Michael Mondavi - CEO
*Tim Mondavi – Head Winemaker
*Greg Evans – COO
Seven Senior Vice Presidents
“Brand teams”
Weakness: Segmented Distribution & Sales Corporate Structure (cont) “Our corporate mission is to become pre-eminent fine wine producer in the world- ...Our strategy is to make the necessary investments in our future while outpacing the industry in revenue and profits growth today.” –Michael Mondavi from robertmondavi.com Corporate Structure (cont) Strength: The present structure is consistent with the corporate mission and strategy
Corporate Culture “Wine to me is passion. It’s family and friends. It’s warmth of heart and generosity of spirit.” --Robert Mondavi Wine education and promotion
Mondavi was the Co-Chairman with
Julia Child of The American Institute of
Wine and Food
Robert also created the $65 million American
Center for Wine, Food & the Arts
It has all been a part of Robert’s vision of making Napa Valley a model for gracious living
Competitive advantage based on the family history and beliefs of the company
Marketing Strengths
Reach multiple segments through different brands
Maintain an image of superior quality
Use unique and innovative techniques
Radio ads & magazine coverage
Efforts are focused on a small group
Rarely use promotions
18-22% of revenues spent annually Finance Research & Development Strengths
Focus on enhancing the quailty of the wine
Developed the foiless “flange” bottle
NASA digital mapping program
Fail to predict changes in consumer taste Operations & Logistics Strengths
Use of innovative processes and equipment
Increased costs abroad
Limited availability of products
Limited integration throughout the supply chain Information Systems Strengths
Tracking of sales and customer data
Do not play a large role in the business
Limited data available for research Opportunities Winery tours
Expansion as a marketing tool Think Redhook tours, events, promotions impact on the NH seacoast community
California wine tasting experience at Disney’s California Adventure Expand into Sparkling Wine Market
Gallo sparkling wines - 34% of the market Vertical Integration
Mondavi grows 12% of grapes
Own and lease 5,000 acres
Distribution capabilities International Success in Chile
Expansion to Argentina and other wine-producing countries (central Europe)
Increased share of UK market Threats Competitors Largest competitor E & J Gallo
Other competitors: Potential problems with grape harvests (i.e. phylloxera)
Industry Based View 5 Forces Model
Rivalry among Competitors
Threat of potential entry
Bargaining power of suppliers
Bargaining power of buyers
Threat of substitutes
Alternatives & recommendations
Evaluation & Control Strengths
Annual revenues are growing
Mondavis are reluctant to reduce ownership
Debt is a primary source for financing
Stock price has dropped drastically Spread the wealth
Compete, but don't lose yourself
Brand Association
Maintain Strong Relationships...but leasing is cool too
Hire more outside Top Managers
Vertical could be better ...Alternatives & recommendations
Evaluation & Control Cont. Brand Recognition
Invest in new projects (sparkling wine?)
Improve Customer Research
Increase Global Presence
Wine App
How do you make consumers NEED Mondavi wine?
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