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Mary makillop

No description

ellah jabbour

on 19 September 2014

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Transcript of Mary makillop

Mary mackillop
Early life
website:sisters of saint Joseph of the sacret heart.http://www.marymackillop.org.au

Mary was the eldest of eight children.
On January 15, 1842 Mary MacKillop was born of Scottish parents, Alexander MacKillop and Flora MacDonald in Fitzroy, Victoria. mary was educated at private schools but chiefly by her father who had studied for the priesthood at Rome.
young adult years
Mary was sixteen when she got her first job as a govoness.Mary went to work as a teacher at the age of 18 in a little
country town in South Australia called
Penola. There she met Father Julian
Tenison Woods who also wanted to do
something for the poor children who
could not afford to pay the money
needed to go to school. Together, in
1866, they began the first St Joseph’s
School in an old stable. Two of Mary’s
younger sisters also taught in the school and
other young women came to help them.
adult years
mary met Father Julian Tenison Woods which inspired her to become a nun.mary became a nun at the age of 44 in 1867.mary became a nun because she wanted to do something about the poor children who could not afford to pay to go to school.mary mackillop was excommunicated because the local prelate, Bishop Sheil, disagreed with the way the Sisters went about their lives. He excommunicated their leader, Mary MacKillop, in September of 1871, for "inciting disobedience". Before Bishop Shiel died, he said that MacKillop had "done no wrong" wand revoked the excommunication.
Mother Mary MacKillop died on 8 August 1909 and was laid to rest at the Gore Hill Cemetery, a few kilometers up the Pacific Highway from North Sydney. After her burial people continuously took earth from around her grave and as a result her remains were exhumed and transferred, on 27 January 1914, to a vault before the altar of the Mother of God in the newly build Memorial Chapel in Mount Street Sydney.
interesting facts
Mary makillop died of a stroke in 1909 on the 8th of August.
What does JJJ symbolize with Mary Mackillop?
The three J's on the Josephite emblem stand for Jesus, Joseph and John the Baptist - patrons of the congregation.
older years
Mary lived in Portland , penola and Fitzroy
She had her First Communion on 15 August 1850 at the unusual early age of 9.
Margaret (Maggie) , John , Annie , Lexie (Alexandrina) , Donald , Alick who died only 11 months old and Peter
Mary was canonized on october 17 2010 at Mary mackillop place
I can be a good example of Mary by respecting others and listening to others
Mary preformed many miracles like
■ In 1961, Sydney woman Veronica Hopson, 23, was sent home to die, suffering from acute myeloblastic leukaemia. Mrs Hopson, who later gave birth to six children, broke her silence at the weekend about how Josephite sisters successfully prayed to Mary MacKillop on her behalf and the disease disappeared. The miracle was verified by the Vatican in 1993.
■ Kathleen Evans, mother of five and grandmother of 20. In the 1990s she was diagnosed with inoperable lung and brain cancer, for which chemotherapy and radiotherapy did not work. Given a month to live, she wore a relic of Mary MacKillop's clothing on her nightie and prayed. Ten months later, tests showed no signs of cancer, only scarring where it had been.this happened in 2009

thank you
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