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Cold War Timeline

No description

Mordecai Gola

on 17 May 2010

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Transcript of Cold War Timeline

Yalta Conference-1945 Great Britain, Russia and U.S.A. discussed the fate of post-war Europe. Three leaders
Winston Churchill
Joseph Stalin
Franklin D. Roosevelt Atomic Bomb-1945 Two bombs were dropped Hiroshima-August 6 Nagasaki-August 9 Iron Curtain Speech-1946 Truman Doctrine-1947 Marshall Plan-1947 Churchill's speech that changed how the democratic west viewed communism. Formation of N.A.T.O.-1949 Many countries feared the spread of communism in Europe. Formed N.A.T.O. to protect and countries who would need it after the war. Mao Zedong takes over China-1954 Mcarthyism-Late 1940s to late 1950s the U.S. was scared that there were communists in America. Many People were falsely accused of being communists. Korean War-1950 Creation of the C.I.A.-1947 Formed to find information on foreign countries and help prepare for invasion Warsaw Pact-1955 Vietnam War-1955 to 1975 Sputnik Launched-1957 First satellite successfully launched into space. Fidel Castro takes over Cuba-1959 Castro led an army of rebels to overthrow Cubas government. When Castro became leader he turned Cuba to a communist government. Bay of Pigs-1961 C.I.A. helped Cuban exiles invade Cubato overthrow Castro. Cuban Missile Crisis-1962 Soviet Union sold missiles to Cuba. Worried Americans because Cuba was so close and could do a lot of damage. Closest they came to a confrontation during the Cold War. Berlin Wall Apollo 11 Lands on the Moon-1969 SALT 1 Signed-1969 Agreement between U.S and U.S.S.R. that limited the amount of nuclear weapons each country could have. The first of many steps in preventing the spread of communism in Europe. A reconstruction plan offered to European countries after WWII The mission failed and Castro remained in power. An agreement made by communist ruled countries that said if one member was attacked the others would give them aid.
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