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Math Project Term 2

Welcome Architects.. Ready to build your dream Theme Park!!?

Allyta Adelya

on 15 October 2012

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Transcript of Math Project Term 2

Welcome Architects This is some example of a theme park that you can see!! Disneyland – Hongkong Legoland – Malaysia Well, my favorite is Universal Studio – Singapore Ms. Adelya MISSION::
The Government is planning to build a theme park in your town. They need your help to create the most attractive Theme Park designed to attract investors. You are the best in my town, so I will give you the honor to help me in creating the most beautiful theme park in our town. I’ll give you 20 hectares of land, or you can use our Math Island. You will make a design of the theme park on blue print.

Remember 1 hectares = 10.000 meters square. Make it on blue print perfect scale, for example: If you want to make a roller coaster land as 40.000 m2, choose the scale of 1: 2500, so the size in your design will be 16 cm2. Your theme park must include a minimum of 5 areas. Don’t forget to include the public facilities such as: restrooms, parking lots, and restaurants. Your design must include several different kinds of lines, angles, and shapes. I want a theme park designed in shape of quadrilateral. Choose the most attractive one. Also, it must include the following: -Two sets of streets that are parallel -One restaurant with transformation shape -One street that is a line - A lake that is in the shape of a hexagon -Two sets of streets that are perpendicular -One street that intersects another streets to form an obtuse angle -An ice cream parlor in the shape of an equilateral triangle -One street intersects another to form an acute angle -One street that is a line segment -One street that is a ray In order to make it more unique, I have a task for your design. Ms. Adelya You will have an exhibition on 13th Dec' 2012. You can make a diorama of your theme park, make it an audiovisual advertisement, or a poster that includes your theme park Map!! I’ll choose the best blueprint, and then you
will work together with your partner to make some advertisements to attract our investors: -All the unique criteria that I will give to you -The scale that you chose for your blueprint -The area and perimeter of each shape that you used in your design -The coordination of each place, so I’m sure the visitor will not get lost in our theme park. -Also, If you are using the principle of transformation to make your design, let me know!! Make me proud!! Do your best guys, I know you can do it, and we will meet you on 5 Dec'2012 to choose the best blue print. Remember you have to explain to me first the following:
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