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Customer Service Training

No description

Noah Hastay

on 21 September 2016

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Transcript of Customer Service Training

Moments of Truth
After every interaction a member has with any aspect of our organization, whether in person, by telephone, through literature, or even contact with the physical facility, the individual will either feel better, the same, or worse

Properly managing moments of truth are critical in meeting and exceeding our customers’ expectations

To X-Force Body By GHF and Thank You For Joining Our Team!
Customer Service Principles
Who we are: Vision, Mission, Core Values, Culture and Core Purpose
Priority #1
Moments of truth
Emotional bank accounts
Perception is Reality

Core Purpose
GHF Customer Service Philosophy
Customer service does not start with how an employee treats a customer. It begins with how the company treats its employees

Online platform for employee scheduling/communications
Login at: www.whentowork.com
Username and password will be emailed to you
This site will be used to:
Pick up shifts
Post shifts
Find employee contact information ( phone # and email)
Get information about upcoming events
View club announcements

Pick up shift on WhenToWork.
Attend Shift.
Each shift that you pick up, you get entries into a monthly raffle.
Win a prize. (if you win raffle) There will be one winner per department per month.
Quarterly prize to individual from each department that picked up the most shifts!

Employee Membership
As an employee of Gainesville Health & Fitness, you have the privilege of having full member benefits.
We expect all employees to live a fitness lifestyle
To ensure this, you are required to do 15 workouts using the main circuit line within the first 90 days of your employment. If you fail to do so, your free employee membership will be revoked.
When using any of the facilities, YOU STILL REPRESENT THE COMPANY!
Make sure you follow all rules
Park in employee parking
Pick up trash that is on the ground
Do not distract employee’s who are on shift

Customer Service
GHF Vision
To become known as one of the best companies
for the world!

1st GHF Mission
To Make Gainesville the Healthiest Community in America.
2nd GHF Mission
To Keep Gainesville the Healthiest Community in America.
Current GHF Mission

To Inspire an Entire Community…

Core Values
Hard working
Creators of our own future
Extraordinary commitment to helping people

Do the right thing even when no one is looking.

“When in doubt, tell the truth” -Mark Twain

April was working in the Kids Club and one child bit another child. She had to tell both parents about the situation, even though she knew both parents would be very upset, and had to explain to the parent of the child who did the biting that he could not come back to the Kids Club until he stopped biting others. Rather than not dealing with the situation, which would have been much easier, she dealt with it head on even though it was difficult.
-April Dyal

We give 100% effort to everything we do and we work until the job gets done
The mental fortitude required in the high intensity workout interview sets the tone for our company

Sonya is consistently exemplifying hard work at the Women’s Center. She comes in early every shift and converses with members, then proceeds to work hard to clean the entire facility in her 3 hour shift. She always has a smile and works hard to complete her checklists.
-Sonya Thompson

Our greatest power is the freedom to choose; we decide what we do, what we think, and where we go
If we seek, we will find it. If the door is closed, we must knock and keeping knocking until it opens. We never give up

Winston Churchill was once asked how history would remember him. He replied, “History will be kind for I intend to write it.”

Creating Our Own Future
The ability to get to see employees come in as young students- often not knowing what they want to do in life, what their strengths are, or what they may be good at- and be able to mentor them, guide them, and help them grow not only as employees, but as individuals, often leaving with a better sense of who they are and where they want to go from here. GHFC can prepare people for life after the gym for those who take advantage of it.
-Ryan Beacher

Creating Our Own Future
We offer a consistent level of service that far exceeds the ordinary
We actively search for ways to anticipate and accommodate the needs and wants of our fellow employees, customers, and community

Extraordinary Commitment to Helping Others
On a daily basis Alonzo has a lady come into his shift who is wheelchair bound. He could have easily just told her that she couldn’t do certain machines, because of her disabilities. But instead, he picks her up and puts her on machines, and after she is done picks her back up and puts her into her wheelchair. He makes her a specific workout and changes it around when needed. I feel like this shows what it means to go above and beyond, and to have an extraordinary commitment to helping others!
-Jeff Finch

Helping Others
Core Purpose
Bruce is a member diagnosed with leukemia. He came in with a mask on in tears to tell us that he would not be in for a while and really told me how my interaction with him at the gym impacted his life. He looked me in the eyes with tears beginning to accumulate and said a simple, “Thank you, man” and walked out.
-Chris Richter

Defined as “The way we do things around here.”

It is the fever that everyone catches when they are here.

Develops leaders
Appreciation and reward
Continuous Improvement
Sharing Knowledge
Uncommon level of commitment to our physical environment
Creativity and Innovation

: Always accepting responsibility for your behavior, taking ownership of problems (to solve them), and following through with all tasks.
: Appropriate communication, manners, physical appearance/attire.
: Always going the extra mile.
: Boundless energy, full of life, enthusiastic; positive attitude; always demonstrating these characteristics, even when you are having a bad day.
: Strong, unwavering belief in our cause.
: Willing to try something new; making aggressive mistakes – taking risks through well planned and executed decisions

A learning & challenging environment that DEVELOPS LEADERS who are:

Socrates Plato Aristotle Alexander the Great

ATG Asked Aristotle “How Many is One?”

Aristotle’s Answer was: “One Can be a Great Many.”

This is a story about four people named
, and

There was an important job to be done and
was asked to do it.

was sure
would do it.

could have done it, but
did it.

got angry about that, because it was

could do it but
realized that
wouldn't do it.

It ended up that
did what
could have done.

Whose Job is it?
Building A Team
Tampa Bay VS Dallas 1994
Play Football vs. Win Title

The Story of the Rock
The Gainesville Health and Fitness Rock
We will gain and retain members by creating an experience that helps people get the most out of life and to inspire them to become their best.  We will provide an environment that makes people feel they are part of something special, not just a health club, but a place that uses fitness to connect people, inspire people, and motivate people to achieve dreams they never thought possible.  Every department has people who work their hardest, demonstrate integrity, have an extraordinary commitment to helping people, and believe we create our own future.

Floor Instructor
We will motivate people to achieve their desired results while building lasting relationships. We give our members the gift of fitness by helping them overcome the mental and physical barriers associated with living a healthy lifestyle

Exceed Core Competencies
Relationships, hardworking, team spirit, positive attitude
Aggressively greet all guests, members, staff using priority #1 in all areas of the club
Practice EPEMET
Accurately set exercise machines, explain correct use of all machines, provide a spot to members, make recommendations for better results, transfer to next section and teach general exercise principles
Make recommendations for other club services based on member needs
Follow all guest procedures
Keep the facility clean and in good repair
We sincerely welcome people into the club and make them feel good about having been in our facility. We will provide solutions with the knowledge of where and how to access information so no question goes unanswered.

Greet by name upon entry and exit while provide a warm, friendly atmosphere
Provide solutions to questions and concerns “on the spot”
Build relationships through day-to-day interaction
Create consistency in all guest procedures
Answer each line by the 2nd ring with assigned phone greetings and keep lines on hold for no longer than 2 ring backs
Handle multiple lines by prioritizing each line appropriately
Sales Team:
Know the rotation schedule for the day and rotating guests properly
Keep communication open between front desk and counselors

Kid's Club
We create such an engaging experience for the children that they want to drop their parents off at the gym. We give parents the peace of mind knowing their children are receiving social, emotional, and educational benefits in a safe environment.

Aggressively greet parent & child using Priority #1
Immediately engage the child in appropriate activity
Complete proper sign-in/sign-out procedures, including verifications
Maintain control of all children and activities
Report on child’s experience when parent is signing out
Clean all toys and equipment daily and make sure it is in good repair

We set the tone for the member’s experience by keeping every aspect of the club exceptionally clean. We integrate people into the GHF family with an incredible awareness in assisting them with their needs.

Use maintenance checklists properly
Use opening and closing checklist daily
Maintain facility zones properly
All staff be committed to keeping the facility clean
Adhere to preventive maintenance schedules
Immediately repair equipment
Maintain an inventory of spare parts
Complete a thorough weekly walk-through to ensure quality

Inspire people to move from the thinking stage of fitness to a lifetime commitment of getting and staying fit.

Perform effective presentations and tours
Master phone presentations to produce appointments
Prospect effectively
Obtain referrals through internal prospecting, deliver presentations to community and corporate groups
Adhere to follow-up schedule with all new members
Accurately process paperwork
Implement effective time management techniques

Customer Service Principles
Who we are: Vision, Mission, Core Values, Culture and Core Purpose

Priority #1
Moments of truth
Emotional bank accounts
Perception is Reality
The 5 Questions
The FORD Concept
10 Second Experience

Customer Service Principles
Three Responsibilities of Every Employee:
Responsible for the success of the entire company
Responsible for the success of every department
Responsible for doing their job

Priority #1
arm and Friendly

irst Names
ellos and Goodbyes

How To Engage!
roactively approach everyone
Walk to them before they walk to you
sk questions and dig deeper
Boaz and Ford Questions
isten and learn to build rapport
aintain eye contact
5 steps: visual contact/ 3 steps: talk

5 Questions to Ask Everyone
1. Where are you from originally?
2. (If not from here)What brought you here?
3. Do you have a family?
4. What do you do?
5. What did you want to be when you were growing up?

Employee Card
Measure Engagement

The 10 Second Experience
You have 10 seconds to “wow” the customer
Before the normal systems and procedures
You can do what ever you want*
Examples- introduce, shake hands, jokes, games, sing, talents

Use complaints to strengthen customer
loyalties and give you a second chance to
satisfy their desires. All complaints or
upset members should be reported to a
supervisor, but be prepared to address
any initial situation in which you may find
yourself. The following guidelines should assist you:

Complaints are Oppotuntities
Questions are Opportunities
Empathetic Listening. Be optimistic. There is an answer to every question.
If you do not know the answer, explain that you don’t know the answer, but will find someone who does (co-worker, supervisor, manager)
WRITE down their name, phone number and question.
Answer question. Contact in person, by phone, through member messages.
Inform them of any services related to their question that we provide.

"People are far more persuaded by the depths of your beliefs and emotions than any amount of logic or knowledge you possess.  People do not care how much you know until they know how much you care!" -Michael LeBoeuf

Consistent performance is what people want most.

Consistency creates credibility.

Do what you say you are going to do.
Do it when you say you are going to do it.
Do it right the first time.

Consistency! Consistency! Consistency!
Emotional Bank Account
Michael LeBoeuf states every individual stores the effects of each “moment of truth”
A deposit is made when we help an individual feel good about him/herself
A withdrawal is made when we fail to fulfill the needs or desires of that same individual
Emotional bank accounts require continual “deposits” to keep a positive balance
Make every effort to make each “moment of truth” a “deposit” in the account of each customer

Perception is Reality
Tom Peters, international business consultant,
has said that, “Perception is all there is. There
is no reality. There is only perceived reality.”
What is perceived by a customer is reality to
that customer.

If a member perceives the
locker rooms to be dirty, then the locker rooms
are dirty to that member.

We must understand
this concept as we listen to the comments and
concerns of our members and take immediate action to respond to them.

GHF Mathematics Lesson
Employee Recognition Programs
Mentor Program
Eagle Program
Rock All-Stars
The Monthly Fun Calendar
Continuing Education programs
Employee Suggestion Program

Mentor Program
Have a welcome reception for new employees to Reward them for being hired
Designed to help new employees learn, understand and apply the methods used by other employees
Used to ensure the training and learning process at GHFC is a positive experience for the employee
The mentor will answer questions a new employee has or handle any concerns that may arise
The mentor and new employee will work together for the 1st semester of their employment

Eagles VS. Employee of the Month
Eagles of the Moment
Nominations are placed in The Eagle’s Nests located throughout the center
When you receive an Eagle nomination you must call and personally thank the member who nominated you
Once you have thanked the member, highlight the nomination on the designated Eagle Board
For every nomination you receive, you will be rewarded with 1 Eagle Buck
Every month, “True Eagles” are chosen from the nominations to attend the Eagle Dinner. True Eagles are considered to be the best of the best
Eagle Raffle

Eagles of the Moment
Eagle Dinners
Eagle Prizes
Open Praise

Rock All-Stars
Choose the Top 2 to 3 Performers from Each Department

Base your Criteria on the Rock

Recognition and dinner party at Joe’s house with all of Rock All-Stars!

Inspire award

Monthly Team Fun Calendar
Kickball Team
We always encourage continuous improvement in every position and in every department in the company. You may utilize many of the educational resources provided by the club to increase your knowledge.

Contact your supervisor if you would like more information about pursuing continuing education.

Communication Skills
Weight Management
Exercise Principles
Marketing, PR, Advertising

Customer Service
Time Management
Goal Setting
Problem Solving
Public Speaking
Effective Meetings
Effective Listening

Fitness University
Login at:www.Smartfitness.com
Username: your email
Password: Smart1

-Manuals are found in the “File Vault”
-Training Center
Personal Trianing Certification
CPR/AED Certification
Sales Trainings
Member experience training

1. Do I know what’s expected of me?

2. Do I have the materials & equipment I need to do my work?

3. Do I have the opportunity to do what I do best?

4. In the last 7 days have I received praise & recognition for good work?

The Gallop 12 Question Survey
The Gallop 12 Question Survey
The Gallop 12 Question Survey
5. Does my supervisor or someone at work seem to care about me as a person?

6. Is there someone at work who encourages my development?

7. At work, do my opinions seem to count?

8. Does the mission/purpose of my company make me feel that my work is important?

9. Are my coworkers committed to doing quality work?

10. Do I have a best friend at work?

11. In the past 6 months have I talked to someone about my progress?

12. Do I have the opportunity to learn and grow at work?

Employee Benefits Package
Zwurly’s – 20% off
Request Physical Therapy -- $5.00 off an hour massage
Gainesville Health & Fitness Personal Training – $33 for Advanced level trainer, $43 for Master level training
 Gainesville Health & Fitness Retail Merchandise – 10% off everything
Gainesville Health & Fitness Custom Fit – 10% off Regular rate
Member Savings Programs – Discounts with lots of local businesses
Continuing Education Credits – AFA / ASCM / ACE
Payroll Deductions Available for GHFC services
AHA CPR/AED/First Aid Adult/Infant certification for only $20 (normally $80)

Presenteeism Policy
Guidelines insuring uniform attendance by all employees of
Gainesville Health and Fitness Centers
are critical in maintaining our high standards of customer service—the mainstay of our business. Consistent and prompt attendance is very important to the success of our programs and the overall mission of the company.

Following is an explanation of the policy of presenteeism and occurrences which result in point accumulation. Points are accumulated and erased every 3 months (January-March; April-June; July- September; October-December).
Management reserves the right to accelerate or skip any of these steps.

2 Points

Your shift begins
five minutes prior
to your scheduled time. For example, if your shift begins at 3:00PM, you must be clocked in, ready to go, fully dressed at 2:55PM. Clocking in at 2:56PM would make you tardy for your shift.

2 Points

Failure to comply with employee policies, such as dress code, parking, etc. will result in points. Some examples are not having a name tag, improper shoes, no tie, etc.

2.5 Points

You will be considered
“partially absent”
any time you come to work
30 minutes
or more late, or any time you leave early without a replacement.

4 Points

You will be considered absent at any time you miss a day and do not arrange for a replacement. You must talk with a supervisor immediately (
5 hours prior to shift
) to advise him/her of the situation.

6 Points

An employee accumulating six or more points in a three month period will be given a warning. A warning lasts for the duration of the three month period. If the employee receives any more points during this time, he/she will be put on probation.


Any time you do not report to work at all and do not contact a supervisor at least 5 hours prior to your shift, you will be considered a no-show. This includes
mandatory employee activities, such as training, shifts, etc. This is an extremely serious offense and results in automatic probation.


If you are unable to work your regular shift (or a shift in which you are a fill-in), you
must find a replacement.
When a replacement is arranged, the information is entered in the
replacement log
which includes the signature of the supervisor and the person filling in; these signatures must be obtained to validate the fill-in arrangement. If a replacement is arranged just prior to the shift, both you and the person covering your shift must call and speak directly to a supervisor to confirm the verbal agreement.

If you accumulate 7 or more points within a 3-month period, you are put on probation.
Probation lasts for a 30-day period regardless of where the employee is in the three month time span.  
You can only be on probation one time in a 12-month period.
*** If an employee receives points for an incident ( ie. Sickness, emergency) that causes them to miss multiple shifts, the employee will only receive points for the first offense. LEAVING TOWN FOR MULTIPLE DAYS WILL ACCUMULATE POINTS FOR EVERY SHIFT THAT IS NOT COVERED (ie. Spring break, winter/summer vacation).
Violations resulting in immediate termination include:
being convicted of a felony of any kind
coming to work smelling of alcohol, tobacco
lying, cheating, or stealing from the GHF

Joe Cirulli Owner/Founder
Shawn Stewart General Manager/Sales Manager
Adrian Antigua Manager – Tioga
Ann Raulerson Manager – Women’s Center
Debbie Lee Marketing Director
Chris Richter Facility Director
Allison Breunig Director of Housekeeping
George Whitehead Personal Training Director
Sheila Gardner Group Exercise Director
Noah Hastay Fitness Director
Kendall Nettles Front Desk Supervisor
Katelyn Thompson Kids Club Supervisor
Ryan Edwards Hiring Coordinator
Dan Ackerman Zwurly’s Director

Noah Hastay
Fitness Director

Questions? Comments?

• Individuals make sacrifices for the good of the team.
• Mutual trust/respect for co-workers; staff fill in for each other, sales staff help each other to reach individual goals (to achieve greater group goal)
• One team, better and faster than anybody in the world (Dick Stonesifer of GE Appliances). Providing people with the support they need to contribute, rewarding people for helping each other, assigning work to ensure interdependency, making you an integral member of the team.
• All staff work toward a common goal/shared understanding.
• My supervisor told me that teamwork depends on the performance of every single person on the team. I ignored that idea until my supervisor showed me how the office typewriter performs when just xne single key is xut xf xrder. All the xther keys xn xur typewriter wxrk just fine except xne, but that xne destrxys the effectiveness xf the typewriter. Nxw I knxw that even thxugh I am xnly xne persxn, I am needed if the team is tx wxrk as a successful team should.

The Eagle Program
Master Instructor Program
Structured Evaluations/Raises
Monthly Continuing Education Sessions
Advancement opportunities/more responsibility
Employee Fun Calendar
Employee Suggestion Program
Rock All-Star Banquet
Mentor Program


• Kaizen improvements (small steps or evolutionary changes toward improvement): development of zones, scripting for sales team, mandatory group training for all staff, new rehabilitation treatments.
• Breakthrough improvements (major or revolutionary developments): Gainesville Health & Fitness for Women, Nautilus/Medx Circuit, low back machine in rehab, ReQuest Physical Therapy for Women, ReQuest merger with North Florida Regional Medical Center, EFT payment option, sales manual/system, X-Force Body Fat Breakthrough
• Knowing we can always be better.


• We share our knowledge with staff, local community, and the fitness industry.
• We provide educational seminars, exercise classes, health fairs, internships, practicum, and volunteer experiences.
• We also share our knowledge by teaching health clubs, physical therapists, physicians, and educators from all over the world to run a successful business.

• We have systems to maintain facilities that are clean, orderly, and well maintained.
• We have a full-time maintenance staff and a team of over 60 housekeepers
• We believe cleanliness is everyone’s job
• We have a 24 hour repair deadline on all equipment
• We are ranked as one of the four cleanest Health Clubs in America

• If it’s not broken, break it, and find a better way to do it.
• We hold Get Better Team meetings quarterly to focus on the future of the company; employees from different departments are invited to attend based on the agenda.
• We have a marketing team who is tasked with bringing new products and services to review and different ways to brand, advertise, and communicate.
• Department champions are charged with reviewing every aspect of their departments for new and better ways to engage the customer.
• We hire consultants who can give us new ideas, new designs, and new processes to take the company to the next level.

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