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iPad's in the Classroom.

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Preston Huppie

on 6 February 2013

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Transcript of iPad's in the Classroom.

Basic Learning the iPad

What do teachers need to know about the iPad?
If you have an iPhone or iTouch then you know many things already.

Things to remember, WiFi, Apple ID, email, iCloud, Apps, iTunes, Need to have WiFi connections in your school or classroom.

http://computer.howstuffworks.com/wireless-network1.htm Practical Uses in the Classroom.

Reading Writing Math Science
Special Needs Art CTS iPads in the Classroom. iPads in the Classroom

How much do you know?

WE can control where this presentation is going
Basic - learning the iPad
Technical - Learning how to make it work easily
Practical - Learning about Apps to use Reading:
Many iTunes apps provide
children books
story books
textbook for educational use. Writing:
iPads have many different writing and printing formats that allow many ways of learning to read and write.
A stylus pen can be used when writing and using the iPads.
Examples include:
Show Me, Pages, Smartnote, Audio memos, Dragon Dictation, Paper, and Idea Sketch. Math:
Many drills, calculators, Math games, and manipulative to help and practice Math skills.
Money with LEO, Zoom, iFactor Science:
Many apps have video, visuals, and exploring atoms, molecules and the periodic table.
NASA, Science 360, Planets, Sun and the Periodic Table. Special Needs:
Students with needs can excel on the iPad with feeling of success and control of their work, their feelings, and their emotions to create success.
TapToTalk, Flashcards, Storywheel, StoryKit, Fairy Tale, Shepherds Boy, Handwriting Without Tears, and Articulation Station. Art:
In art, students can learn to draw using many different types of pallets and apps.
Sketchbook, Doodlebuddy, Crayola Studio.

CTS: Photography, Animation, Video, Music. Now lets get to making some practical uses of the iPad.
First for teachers: Grade Book Pro

Aboriginal Content:
Creating flashcards with Cree words.
Digital Story Telling
iMovie, Video Star, Fairy Tale, Story Kit, Book Writer, Storyrobe, or Storywheel.

Differentiated Assessment either formative or summative Subject Related uses...
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