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Christian Andrei Torres

on 24 January 2017

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Transcript of DEPRESSION

What is depression?
Depression in "Every Day"
Depression is shown on Day 6005 with Kelsea Cook.
A wakes up as Kelsea and immediately, he realizes that something could be wrong with since he woke up in a very messy room.He also wakes up with his/her mind full of thoughts that are crashing against each other.
The reason why Kelsea is depressed is not mentioned in the book.
Kelsea's father does not know about her condition until A stepped in and saved Kelsea's life.
Metaphors used by Kelsea to describe depression
A's Search for Happiness
A's life is tough and depressing because A does not have a family, friend, and worst of all, he does not have an identity.
A loves Rhiannon with all his heart.Seeing her happy makes A happy.
On Day 6033, A wakes up as Alexander Lin who apparently is just like A. A, knowing that Rhiannon loves him, sets her up with Alexander. Lin is just like A, except he does not change bodies everyday. A knew that Alexander would make her happy and treat her right.
'If there's one thing I've learned, it's this: We all want everything to be okay. We don't even wish so much for fantastic or marvelous or outstanding. We will happily settle for okay, because most of the time, okay is enough." -A (pg 6)
Not all scars are visible. Not every tear is wipeable. Not every mess is cleanable. Life counts every year, month, day, hour, minute, and second that you are breathing. The happy moments in your lifetime counts...but what also counts, are the sad ones. Depression is not the temporary sadness that you experience, it is the despair and darkness that takes over your life for a long time. It not only changes that way you live, but it also damages your many connections with those who are around you. An example of the devastating effects of depression are shown on Day 6005 with Kelsea Cook. Kelsea Cook's mind is a dark place. The moment A wakes up in her body, he instantly realizes that her mind is full of thoughts and speculations that are unstable. Kelsea is depressed and is keeping a "special journal" filled with ways and techniques to kill herself. In the journal, Kelsea has written "DEADLINE" followed by a date that is only six days away. A suspects that this "DEADLINE" could be the day where Kelsea will end her life since he has flipped over the journal to look for other dates but found out that there was only one. A calls Rhiannon for help and the day ends with A giving Kelsea's father her journal and her father immediately learns about her condition and seeks help.
-Depression is a mood disorder in which the confined patient is in a state of being severely sad.

-It has multiple causes. A few examples are grief, trauma, stress, financial troubles and unemployment.

-Depression commonly affects teenagers and adults (particularly women. Biological, life cycle, hormonal, and psychosocial factors that women experience may be linked to women's higher depression rate.

-Depression is the most common cause of suicide. Many have chosen the easy way out because they just cannot stand the tough and sad life that they are living in.
"The Black Dog"-
A less powerful form of
depression. It is separate from her body, but its always there, following her lead.
"The Black Cloud"
-The perfect metaphor. The black cloud is always over her head. She has no way to escape from it. It is what she wakes up to everyday.
"What she needs to do is try to contain it, get it into the form of the black dog. It will still follow her around wherever she goes; it will always be there. But at least it will be separate, and will follow her lead." -A
"For someone like Kelsea, the black cloud is the right metaphor. She is surrounded by it, immersed within it, and there is no obvious way out."-A
In the beginning of the novel A is is satisfied with everything just being ‘okay’.
After A meets Rhiannon he does not just wish for everything to be ‘okay’ between him and Rhiannon, but for it to be more than ‘okay’.
Rhiannon states “But we can’t be together. You realize that, don’t you?” A denies how they cannot be together, this is when he doesn’t settle for ‘okay’.
A changes his mind from wanting everything to be just 'okay' wanting things to be more than 'okay'
A’s journey is simply a quest for a life that is only ‘okay’ because here is no way that he knew of that can change who he really is and stop him from changing every day.
Dealing with Depression
Take Action
Is 'okay' enough, or do you want something more than that from life?
'Happiness is so rarely a part of my vocabulary, because for me it's so ephemeral.'
A's Temporary Happiness
While at the beach on their first day together, Rhiannon tells A about her best day ever,dressing up at a mother-daughter fashion show.
Ephemeral - "lasting for a very short time"

This relates to A's life because he only lasts one day in one person's body.
A's relationship with Rhiannon was cut short due to his "ephemeral" supernatural abilities
This relates to depression because A often cannot connect to others and can become lonely at times.
A had to leave Rhiannon for the better of both of them and many not be able to let go of his feeling for her.
He may not be able to connect with anyone like Rhiannon or he will run into the same problems again.
Kelsea's father reacted to Kelsea telling him that she is depressed very calmly.
Kelsea's father had no idea that his own daughter was depressed.
From the text, it was noticeable that Kelsea meant the world to her father. This was shown at the end of the day when he was crying heavily, which symbolizes he really cares for her and his mistake as a father to not notice Kelsea was depressed.
His reaction to asking Kelsea why she wanted to kill herself and what he could do to help his daughter was a good representation that he would do anything for his daughter in this situation
We feel that Kelsea's mother could have been a cause of her depression since she left in an early stage of Kelsea's life. Her father couldn't have related to her as well as a mother could relate to her own daughter.
A had a great responsibility to prevent Kelsea from killing herself
Rhiannon convinces A this through telling "So what? You just let her die? Because you don't want to get involved?"
A could have been the only person who knew of her suicidal plans and her only hope for help
There was no doubt in A's mind not to help Kelsea find help
In the end, A approached Kelsea's father for help.
The sentiment "Okay is enough" is false.
Okay is not and will never be enough.
One must strive for what is best.
Thinking that okay is enough is mediocre.
It is merely a part of what could be amazing and fantastic.
Many people who suffer from depression stay silent. Just like Kelsea, no one knew that she was depressed because she didn't seek help. Her silence could have caused her to end her life.
A is someone who can only settle for temporary happiness because he is continuously changing
A's happiness depends on the lives of the people he inhabit.
The happiness A encounters will only last for one day
Rhiannon loves A and A loves her, however, A cannot love like society.
Explain how this event mirrors A's experience in everyday
When Rhiannon and her mother have a mother-daughter fashion show, in a way, they get to feel like A who switches bodies everyday.
Rhiannon and her mother felt like someone else, just like A.
Rhiannon and her mother got to do something they weren't used to.
What is depression?
State the challenges A face in Kelsea's body?
If you were in A's shoes, do you think it was your responsibility to find help for Kelsea? If so, how?
What is depression?
Why do you think Kelsea was depressed?

What does the black cloud symbolize?
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