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An exploration of the Blues, Rock and Dance music.

Team 1

on 12 February 2015

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Transcript of Music

Impact on society/culture

Blues music is considered to have been hugely influential on shaping trends of popular music in the 20th century (Smith & Oliver, 2012). It is known as the roots of Rock & Roll, Jazz, R&B and Hip Hop. The use of electric guitars was made popular by Blues artists. Musicians in the 1960’s such as Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton were heavily influenced by Blues music.


Blues music is thought to have been created early in the 1900’s in the Mississippi Delta. It is believed to have evolved from ‘Field Hollers’ and ‘call and response’ type of chants that the African slaves in the south used whilst labouring (Informit EduTv, 2010).

While researching this assignment we adhered to Metzger (2007) as a guide to the relevance and credibility of our sources. Sources used were consistently current and backed up by other sources. Fan based websites were overlooked in favour of information based websites to reduce bias and opinion based information. Any sources that didn’t meet this criteria were deemed unreliable and discarded.
Ma Rainey (n.d.)
The Delta Blues
is generally distinguished as a solo performer accompanying themselves on a guitar.
Rural Blues
is melodic with clarity of enunciation (Wallenfeldt, 2013).
Classic Blues
is mostly performed by female stage performers backed by a band (Smith & Oliver, 2012). There are many more genres all with subtle yet important differences.

Sub Genres

Some notable Blues artists are Ma Rainey, who was known as the Mother of the Blues. She first recorded in 1923 (Ma Rainey, 2015). Later artists like Muddy Waters and B.B. King were renowned for their amazing guitar abilities and soulful lyrics (Wallenfeldt, 2013).

Notable Artists/performers
Music is all around us. It is in the shows we watch, the cars we drive, the places we shop and the devices we use. It comes in many forms, from many eras and has at times had a substantial impact on society. In this presentation we take a closer look at some different genres of music. The genres we selected were The Blues, Rock and Electronic/dance music. We explore the history, impact on society and culture, notable artists/musicians and sub genres.

Impact on Society/Culture
Notable performers/artists
Sub genres
Punk Rock hit the scene in the 1970’s largely spurned on by anarchistic disenfranchised youth (Frannie, n.d.). Folk rock was an early cross over when some artists took their folk music into the electric world (Unterberger. 2010). Heavy Metal was born in the English midlands in the form of Black Sabbath in 1968 as the product of a poor working class environment (Pearlin, J. 2014). There is a multitude of other sub genres and cross overs.
Impact on Society/culture
Sub genres
Notable performers/artists

Rock music is a musical form which has strong roots in a number of genres including blues and roots. Rock music originated as “Rock & Roll” in the USA circa 1950’s and usually centers on the electric guitar as lead instrument. (Info Please Encyclopedia, n.d).

Society was greatly affected by rock music and the musical form was revolutionary in its ability to form a sense of community and sense of identity (Smith, 2006). Rock has been used to promote political ideologies, sexual liberation, antiwar messages and much more over the past 60 odd years with notable concerts such as Woodstock becoming legend (Madani, 1998). Rock music and its sub genres has also been massively influential in fashion trends (Costagliola, 2013).
Some notable artists and performers respective to the aforementioned sub genres include The Ramones and The Sex Pistols, arguable the founders of both American and British punk respectively. Bob Dylan became one the first and easily most iconic Folk Rock artist when he added an electric edge to his already iconic folk style. As previously mentioned Black Sabbath pinpoint the creation of Heavy Metal and are amazingly defying the odds and still playing to this day!
Commercially, Electronic Dance Music or EDM is believed to have started during the 1970s – to early 1980s during the popularization of electronic Synthesizers (Montanaro, 2004). It has continued to evolve throughout the years. Having previously being referred to as Dance Music or by its particular sub-genre, the acronym EDM (Electronic Dance Music) was adopted by the music industry to describe the overall genre (RA Roundtable, 2014).
EDM in its earlier years (late 80s – early 90s) impacted greatly on the youth as an underground club culture (Fikentscher, 2000). With the introduction of Acid House, underground rave and warehouse parties were formed. The culture itself was exclusive due to the use of illicit substances, (primarily MDMA /ecstasy and LSD /Acid), and the underage youth attending, some as young as twelve years of age (Hodgkinson & Thomson, 1996).
Genres of EDM music can be categorized into their BPMs (Beats Per Minute). Genres include Acid House beginning in the 1980s in Detroit, USA (Shapiro, 2000), Electro, Hard-core, Techno, Trance, Ambient and Downtempo. The genres broaden further into sub-categories and also regional scenes.
Notable artists include, French group Daft Punk know for their performance stage shows with use of visual components including costume design. Daft Punk are always wearing robot outfits including masks while performing. Tim Bergling, better known as Avicii, collaborated with many artists including, Nicky Romero, Adam Lambert, Robbie Williams and Aloe Blacc. Tiesto is known for performing at the Athens Olympic Games Ceremonies in 2004.

BB. King (n.d.)
Tiesto (n.d.)
Avicci (n.d)
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Black Sabbath (n.d)
As is clearly evident musical genres, and even their sub genres are as varied as an artist’s palate. The genres and artists focused on are only the tip of an eclectic ice berg which encompasses an enormously wide spectrum. Throughout this presentation we have demonstrated that music, and associated artists are clearly not just an enjoyable past time but a very significant player in regards to fashion, culture, emotions and even politics in the world we live.

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The Thrill Is Gone
B B King (1969)
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Produced: Bill Szymczyk
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I Want To Break Free
Queen (1983)
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Produced: Queen, Reinhold Mack
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I Wanna Feel
SecondCity (2014)
Writers: Bryce Wilson, Adam Fenton, Kenneth Edmonds, Rowan Harrington, Daniel Bedingfield, Toni Braxton
Vocals: Kelli-Leigh, Henry-Davila, D, Daniel Bedingfield.
Original song samples “Toni Braxton, You’re Makin’ Me High” (1996)
Licenced to Speakerbox.

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