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Characteristics of Legends

Characteristics of Legends

Katherine Tonelli

on 2 November 2012

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Transcript of Characteristics of Legends

What makes the story a legend? LEGENDS Huh? A legend is a narrative
of human actions.

They are believed to have taken place in HUMAN history. LEGENDS Legends read like folktales, but have at least a bit of historical truth. Legends include a historical HUMAN hero.
Legends have a specific setting: time & place. Legends usually include beliefs and ideas of a culture. Legends have flexible guidelines.
They can begin with miracles or events that are believed to have really happened. Fill in your notes sheet as the information is presented Legends can be written as prose (regular writing) or poetry. This keeps the story relevant and exciting. Legends change over time and are added to as the story is retold.
Facts become more colorful and exaggerated over the years.
This keeps the story relevant and exciting.
Now that you have the proper information, please analyze the details and brainstorm a legend you know about.
Then complete the bottom portion of your notes sheet.
Thank you for paying attention!
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