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Background on Common Core State Standards

Developed for National Louis University's Workshop: Technology to Support Common Core part 2

Nicole Zumpano

on 21 April 2016

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Transcript of Background on Common Core State Standards

Background on
Common Core State Standards
What is the Common Core
State Standard Initiative?
A state-led effort coordinated by
Who Contributed to the
Development of these Standards?
Teachers, school administrators
and education experts developed the first draft
Initial feedback on the first draft was provided
by teachers, post-secondary educators, civil rights groups, english language learners and students with disabilities
Following this feedback the draft was opened for public comments and received nearly 10,000 responses
These standards combine effective models
from various states across the country as
well as from countries around the world.
They provide teachers and parents with
a common understanding of what students
are expected to learn.
Consistency in standards in schools
across the United States means all students
will receive an equal education regardless
of where they live.
Common Core State Standards are:
Aligned with the expectations of colleges and the work force
Focused, coherent, clear, understandable and consistent
Rigorous with application of knowledge through higher-order skills
Built upon the strengths of current state standards
Benchmarked internationally so students can compete globally
Research and evidence-based

These standards define what knowledge and skills students need during elementary and secondary schooling in order to be able to compete and succeed in post-secondary education and the work force
Why is this Important?
Common Core State Standards establish critical
thinking, reasoning, communication and media/information/technology literacy in ELA and mathematics through performance outcomes.
Each state currently has it's own set
of academic standards. Students learn
different content at different levels. Common
Core State Standards ensure everyone
receives the same content.
Who will Implement CCSS?
The final version of the Common
Core State Standards was released
on June 2, 2010
47* states, the District of Columbia and
four territories have adopted the standards.
(Minnesota has only adopted ELA standards).

*Note: as of 2016 now 42 states are implementing the standards, not 47
image source: http://www.corestandards.org/in-the-states
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