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Quentin Tarantino

No description

jurgen albanel

on 19 April 2013

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Transcript of Quentin Tarantino

Reservoir Dogs Reservoir Dogs is Quentin Tarantinos first major hit. Premiering at the Sundance Film Festival, it got a huge response because of the level of blood and violence in the movie. It was the movie to help put Tarantino on the list of directors to look out for and a great movie to start his growing Career.

Budget: $1.2 Million
Box Office: $14 Million
Adapted to a Video Game

Mr. Blonde (Michael Madsen),
Mr. Blue (Eddie Bunker),
Mr. Brown (Quentin Tarantino),
Mr. Orange (Tim Roth),
Mr. Pink (Steve Buscemi),
Mr. White (Harvey Keitel).
Nice Guy" Eddie (Chris Penn). Quentin Tarantino Django Unchained Quentin Tarantino Pulp Fiction Pulp Fiction coming out two years after Quentin's first movie Reservoir Dogs, came out. Pulp fiction was set to be made before Reservoir dogs until Quentin Tarantino had a change in plans. The
script was made up by Quentin Tarantino while in Amsterdam but stopped writing to continue with his project Reservoir Dogs.The responses to pulp fiction were all very positive. Especially during award season, winning 5 awards in category's from best screenplay to best supporting actor and actress. It was also up for best picture with The Shawshank Redemption and Forrest Gump.Pulp Fiction still hold up as one of the greatest movies of all time and also Quentin's best film in the majority of opinions.

The movie was not in Chronological order.
What was in the suitcase is still a mystery
Budget: $8.5 million
Box Office: $213,928,762

John Travolta/ Vincent Vega
Samuel L. Jackson/ Jules Winnfield
Uma Thurman/ Mia Wallace
Harvey Keitel/ The Wolf
Tim Roth/ Ringo
Amanda Plummer/ Yolanda
Maria de Medeiros/ Fabienne
Ving Rhames/ Marsellus Wallace
Eric Stoltz/ Lance
Rosanna Arquette/ Jody
Christopher Walken/ Captain Koons
Bruce Willis/ Butch collide KILL BILL VOL. 1 Quentin Tarantino is a Director, Screen Writer,Producer and Actor. Born in Knoxville,Tennessee on March,27,1963, Quentin became obsessed with movies and set out to become an actor. Quentin Tarantino is know for his witty and intriguing dialog which keeps the audience intact and interested. Movies like Pulp fiction and Reservoir Dogs two of Quentin's first movies were quick to become classics. Quentin has released 8 big movies since his career and isn't planning on retiring for a while. Quentin has been nominated for 33 awards and won 11 and is set out to win many more Django unchained is Quentin Tarantinos latest movie. Django unchained is a spaghetti western set in 1858 is about a bounty hunter who buys a slave named Django's freedom to help him find the people he is looking for so in return the bounty hunter helps try to rescue the Django's wife. Django Unchained was released on Christmas Day of 2012 and caused a controversy due to the over use of the "N" word which most people thought to be inappropriate but was quick to be defended by many of the actors involved and not involved in the movie.
The "N" word was used 112 times throughout the 180 minute long movie
Budget:$100 million
Box Office:$ 400 million

Jamie Foxx/ Django Freeman
Christoph Waltz/ Dr. King Shultz
Leonardo DiCaprio/ Calvin Candie
Kerry Washington/ Broomhilda von Schaft
Samuel L. Jackson/ Stephen
Walton Goggins/ Billy Crash
Dennis Christopher/ Leonide Moguy
James Remar/ Butch Pooch
Don Johnson/ Big Daddy Kill bill is a revenge styled movie that came out in 2003 is about a bride who was a member of the deadly viper assasination with her partner Bill. But it wasn't until she realized she was pregnant that she decided to leave the group 2 years later at her wedding rehersal the DVA kidnapped her child and The Bride went into a coma. Once she woke up and found out what happend she set out for her revenge
Budget: $3 million
Box Office: $70 million
Nominated for 24 awards
Won 7
The Bride/ Uma Thurman
Bill/ David Caradine
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