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Touched By an Angel

No description

on 8 June 2014

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Transcript of Touched By an Angel

Touched by an Angel by Maya Angelou is a poem about love. It talks about how people are before they fall in love, the ups and downs of love, and what love does to us and what it changes. Each stanza talks about different meanings of love.
The main technique exercised is imagery. For example, when Angelou uses the phrase ‘coiled in shells’ to give the idea of how one can become lonely without love.

Repitition is used throughout the poem. The constant use of the word love indicates that it is strong throughout the poem and what it conveys.
Unlike some poems it is not directed to anyone or written about a love in the writers life.The purpose of this poem is to inform and discuss all the aspects and stages of love.
The main theme of Touched By An Angel by Maya Angelo is love however each stanza is about a different part or aspect of love.

The first stanza discusses how people are lonely and fearful before love comes into their lives.
The second stanza conveys what what love brings into our lives and the ups and downs included with it.
The third stanza demonstrates all the ways in which love changes us and sets us free.
Personal Response
The poem “Touched By An Angel” by Maya Angelou follows no rhyming pattern and the lengths and number of syllables in each line vary. This text being freeform means that the poet had more leeway to communicate the points she gathered.

While reading the poem, you enter a serene state as the words Maya Angelou’s words use peaceful imagery.
Personally, after having thought deeply about the poem, i see that the poem may be more about learning to embrace and use love to our advantage in order to live life fearlessly.

Maya Angelou’s tone in the poem is also a strong poetic technique that is practiced. It helps the reader understand the attitude towards the theme she is speaking about.

Angelou also uses strong language to convey her ideas and to get the point across more clearly.
Maya Angelou’s use of certain words created a unique and touching poem.
Words such as “ecstasies”, “pleasure” and “liberate” paint pictures of how serene and joyful the love she is depicting can be.She recounts love that can “strike away the chains of fear”, indirectly giving a bold portrayal that the love is incredibly strong.
Touched By an Angel
by Maya Angelou
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