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Discovery : Life of Pi

No description

Chelsea Stephens

on 14 September 2016

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Transcript of Discovery : Life of Pi

TsimTsum: 'Our ship, the Tsimtsum, pushed on, bullishly indifferent to its surroundings. It moved with the slow, massive confidence of a continent.'
Island = Religion
Sea and Sun = harsh realities of real life, scrutinizing your faith
Trees = clergy/priests/rabbis/imams, etc.
Meerkats = followers of religion
The overall message of the chapter is that although religion (organized faith) can aid us and stabilize us and nourish us spiritually in the short term, it is not a viable long-term answer to our spiritual questions, and will ultimately kill us mentally and spiritually.
Animals: 'So... the stories... Both the zebra and the sailor broke their leg. And the hyena killed the zebra and the orangutan. So ... the hyena is the cook. And the sailor is the zebra, mother is the orangutan... and you're... the tiger.'
'I've told you two stories about what happened out on the ocean. Neither explains what caused the sinking of the ship, and no one can prove which story is true and which is not. In both stories, the ship sinks, my family dies, and I suffer.
Luminosity: scenes when the boat was sinking, on the floating island at night, the flower with tooth 'water turned into acid at night killing fish and made Richard Parker run to the boat'
Storm: lighting scenes displaying a ferocious storm 'It's a thunderstorm! Let's go watch!' 'Don't tempt a storm, Pi.'
Reflection: Sunset on ocean
India: -End of Indian emergency
-1975 – 1977
-Indira Ghandi – ordered to resign
All private property could be taken by government ~ zoo taken by the government
Pondicherry is the "French Riviera of India." In the streets closest to the ocean, you might think you were in the South of France.
Pacific Ocean: 'It was four days out of Manila - above the Mariana Trench, the deepest spot on earth...'
Pi: 'hunger can change everything you ever knew about yourself'
'animals have souls, I can see it in their eyes'
'without Richard Parker, I would have died. Tending to his needs gives my life purpose'
Richard Parker: - Bengal tiger who is Pi's only companion at sea.
'I couldn't leave without him, and so I waited for his return'
'I was weeping because Richard Parker left so unceremoniously'
Santosh Patel: 'Believing in everything at the same time is the same as believing in nothing at all' Father is a strong atheist as science cured his polio not faith
'You only need to convert to three more religions, Piscine, and you will spend your life on holiday.'
Gita Patel: 'religion is what is on the inside' religion was the only link she had to her past
Discovery Thesis
Thesis 1: Discovery is the process where by the audience uncovers a new understanding of the world the live in and the people which surround them. The process of discovery leads to personal growth and development which has the ability to alter one’s perspective on issues which affect them. A discovery can be the result of a proactive search or and accidental discovery. Discovery can be personal, emotional, physical or spiritual. Ang Lee take his audience on a journey of discovery in his film Life of Pi, in this film Lee takes his audience on a spiritual journey of discovery and faith.
Thesis 2: Discovery is the understanding and acknowledging of something new. There are two elements to discovery impersonal and personal. Impersonal is encountering a new object or place but these revelations closely intertwine with the personal element. This element is based on spiritual and self belief of who an individual is. Discovering is learning about the past and changing the future to create a better lifestyle for all individuals. Locating a deeper or unearthing an understanding about something is more complex the just learning. It involves many different layers of acknowledging something new and how that can affect an individual and their life.
Essay Overview
INTRO: introduce texts (Life of Pi, directed by Ang Lee + additional text/s).
nominate feature eg. cinematography, poetic language, mis-en-scene
BP 1: answer question in connection to nominations
NEE's (3/4) on symbols, cinematography nominations
connect to other text and compare
BP 2: answer in alternate way and connect to nominations
characters NEE (3)
connect to characters with other text
BP 3: NEEs on spirituality and setting (NEE 4)
NEE on other text connect to one feature of spirituality or setting
CONCL: re-answer question and summarise main points of essay and both texts used.
Discovery : Life of Pi
By Chelsea + Zoe
3 Faiths:
Islam: 'God works in mysterious ways - and so it was He introduced Himself again, this time by the name of Allah'
Hindu: 'Thank you, Vishnu, for introducing me to Christ.'
Crucifix: lying on the sand on the beach of Mexico representing his renewed belief in faith.
Pool: The pools become a spiritual experience, Mamagee (uncle)
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